how to make a bad fuel pump work – part 1 – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By

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Fuel pump tests proved the fuel pump to be the problem, but I was able to get it to work, and use it anyway, and no, it did not involve kicking or banging.


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  1. Say what you will, but he's right. I was about to have my fuel pump replaced until I seen this video. I went outside hooked up the battery charger and it started right up. I realized that my vehicle ONLY had this problem after it'd been sitting up a day or two.

  2. You will probably find that it is a faulty radio or car heater or blower that causes it, take the fuse out of both and see what happens next day, if you can start the car then eliminate the fault by taking either fuse out one night, to see if it starts next day.

  3. This video is stupid! Why gamble on wrecking on the freeway or somewhere else cause your car dies because of a bad fuel pump! If you know it’s bad why gamble or band aid it up!!

  4. my Nissan dies at the light and starts back up. auto zone said there was 2 codes that popped up. also the service engine soon light pops up when it dies and the battery, exclamation mark, and one other light.

  5. I have a 2000 Tahoe z71 & the truck stalled out while it was left unattended  for about 15 minutes . The truck would not restart !I talked to a few repair shop & all they said was it needs a new fuel pump . I'm a mechanic for a long time but not being familiar  with this type of vehicle I went back & pulled the battery so I could put it on the battery charger . Next day I put the battery back in the truck & turned the key and the truck fired right up . Apparently the security system in the ECU went into shutdown mode from sitting with the ignition key on for so long & killed the fuel pump power & by disconnecting the battery for awhile the ECU reset the start up mode . This is a easy thing to try because the idiots in the repair shop just want to drag your vehicle in & do the same thing I did & charge you for a fuel pump .SAD BUT TRUE !!! Like they had no idea what could have been the reason why I had no fuel pressure .

  6. Hello sir I seen your video and my fuel pressure regulator makes clicking noises. I don't seem to be getting any fuel could you tell me if I would need to replace the fuel pressure regulator or if by hearing my fuel pump hum that the fuel pump might not be strong enough it is only a four year old fuel pump

  7. I have learned after many years that you cannot leave a vehicle sit for many days or months and expect it to run as if new. All of the electrical connection will tend to oxidize, rust or whatever, making for a bad connection. Charging back and forth may help, but not always. See my video, How to rebuild a Fuel Pump.

  8. Um your cranking voltage droped on your ohm meter, drops then you ran a wire to pump same thing happen, basic bad batt if you would have looked at your meter while it was cranking , cranking voltage dropped big time. Why didnt you load test the batt? 10 min diag turned in to 2 to 3 hour waste of time.

  9. hi every time I buy full tank on my f150 2004 ,the truck is not runing well ,it will stop several time .before i bought the full tank the car was at quarter tank fuel and it was working fine ,now I have the truck packed with full tank .what should I do

  10. Wow…..great video and I would have never thought this to be true.  Last week I bought a '96 Explorer from a lady who told me that she sometimes had to get a jumper cable and another car to get her rig to start.  Even though it turned over fine, it wouldn't start.  I asked her what she did to start it and she said just another car with jumper cables did the trick!!!  I said WHAT??  That makes no sense and she said "I know, but it works."  So it wouldn't start for me the next morning, and I put a charger on it just to check and see…..sure enough it started right up after charging several hours!!!   GO FIGURE!!!

  11. Ive tried this on my car and even whilst cranking on jumper leads from my other car it wouldnt start and that would have been a LOT of amps going into the battery. I think its definitely the pump but could be the relay? The car was left to my girlfriend when her father passed, it had only done 10,000 miles! It is like new but has not been started in 16 years! Its been in the garage all that time under dust covers. Everything else works as it should but after a few minutes cranking i took out a spark plug and it was bone dry so NO GAS. The pumps on Jaguars are a pain to remove as they are UNDER the gas tank so you have to drain the tank. I have put new gas in as it goes bad after a few months but still no good. I have come across pumps that have been silted up though through no use, so may strip the pump or one last check with a volt meter on cranking that the relay is kicking in?

  12. if this is the case, you can also if your out somewhere and no access to a jump or charger, release the fuel pressure in the line and then crank it … sounds dumb but it lets the pump kick off with no pressure against it and it can stay running much easier than start against full pressure.

  13. I can relay to this issue. I own a 1991 Toyota pickup with a V6 and if the battery is not fully charged with 12V that pickup won't start. The pickup will crank but it won't make it pass that point. I'm very familiar with this issue after owning it for 10 years.

  14. I would have figured it was just a weak battery in the 1rst place, instead of going into the gas tank to pull out the fuel pump. Keep enough gas in your gas tank and your fuel pump will likely outlive you.

  15. My in tank pump on my mustang quit while driving. Good battery, new alternator too. Fuel pump just went bad and cost 150 for a tow and i had to wait on side of road for 2 hours. If this actually worked for you, or anyone else, i wouldn't trust the car to be reliable until the fuel pump was changed. Murphy's law, It's going to fail at the worst possible time.

  16. Fuel Pump in my 1996 suburban sounds like it fell out of its holster and into the bottom of the tank. Rumbles and vibrates on the bottom of the tank when I turn the key on. Wish there was an easy fix for this lol gotta fight a stupid skid plate and lower the tank to fix it 🙁

  17. Absolutely brilliant!!!! I have two old cars 1998 Forester and 1997 Lincoln Continental. I only drive one so I store the other one for a year and then switch every year in May. This September I wanted to replace the garage door opener, I had parked the Lincoln since May using a Tender to keep the battery topped up. I bought a garage door opener and proceeded to take the Lincoln out. It immediately started and then stopped at which time I could not start it again. Talking to mechanics it appeared that I needed a new Gas pump at a significant cost along with the towing charges. I stumbled on your channel and after viewing had a friend bring his new car to give it a boost. Voila the car started immediately. Thank you so much for saving me money, which would have put a big dent on my pension cheque.

  18. It only takes a minute to put a multi meter on the battery to see if it has a full charge. Besides that, if you have enough power to run the starting motor, it has enough power to run the fuel pump…….wannabee mechanics should know this

  19. I have a 90 Lumina Euro with a 3.1.
    I took it to a Shop full of idiots, paid a lot of money bought a lot of parts. It was an old battery so I got soaked. the fuel pump went out 2 years later. I had to put a fuel pump in five times because the AutoZone one kept constantly failing. I bought a book learn how to put it in myself,then went to Napa, got a fuel pump,put it in myself,no problem after that.

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