How to make a 39mm Round Trailer Axle from solid steel.

Quality axles are not easy to manufacture. Let’s run through the process.
1. Cut a solid beam to the correct length
2..Couplemate developed a program to use a roughing tool, a finished tool, and a threading tool.
3. The first tool used in the video is a roughing tool. This tool removes most of the steel before we arrive at the finishing profile.
4.The finishing tool skims over the profile and produces a journal within 0.02mm.
5. Once the finishing tool has done its job, a threading tool is engaged which also cut a thread within 0.02mm of its specification.
6. The CNC technician then manually fits front and back bearing to ensure a tight fit.
7. The axle nut is then tested for tightness.
8. Finally, if all the steps above pass then the axle is removed from the lathe.
semi trailer axle repair