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Learn how to inspect tires for a CDL pre-trip inspection test. Watch the video!! SUBSCRIBE TODAY! ► Get 30% OFF Pre-Trip Inspection Course. Coupon “youtube30″ CLICK THE LINK

For the purposes of the pre-trip inspection, tires are a major component. Learn how to inspect tires to be successful on your road test.

Inspecting a Tire for a CDL Road Test

Now you need to know for the purposes of a road test that tread depth on the front is 3mm (1/8 inch OR 4/32 in NY and other states) minimum to pass the road test or to pass and MVI (Motor Vehicle Inspection) that the tread depths.

On the rear tires it can be 1/16 inch OR 2/32” in NY and other states or 1.6mm.

The other criteria that a tire has to have to pass a road test – it cannot have any cuts or gashes in the tire that are longer than 2.5cm or one inch, and there cannot be cuts or abrasions in the tire that expose the chord inside the tires.

If any of those criteria exist, the tire won’t pass, will not pass an MVI, you will not pass a road test, and if you show up with tires with those conditions for road test, you won’t be able to take the road test.

Unsafe Tires

On the top of this tire—this is a front tire—on this truck you begin to see that this tire is beginning—there’s a dip here in the tread. This tread is worn deeper than this tread. And this side – so this tire has uneven wear – you can see that it’s worn more on this side of the tire than it is on this side of the tire. This front tire on this truck is not safe and needs to be replaced. Tires on the front of commercial vehicles have to be brand new.
Tire Wear Bars

Wear Bars

After you pass your road test, you don’t really need to know the information that is required in terms of 1.6mm on the rear, 3mm on the front, and gashes that are not longer than 2.5cm. What you do need to know is inside the tread are wear bars. And you can see the wear bars here.

If the tire tread is down to wear bars on the steer tires on the front, the tire needs to be replaced. Now as I said, steer tires on the front of the trucks—commercial vehicles, buses those types of things—have to be new tires.

A new steer tire on the front of a commercial vehicle is $600 to a $1000, depending on the type of tire. This tire is not a very expensive tire, thus it’s abnormally worn on the front and will soon need to be replaced. So you either spend a little bit more and get a better quality tire and it’ll last longer.

Now the reason, because a front steer tire is $600—$1,000 – the reason they put recaps on the rears and on the trailers is because a recap will cost you about $375—$400. There’s considerable saving in getting recaps for the rear of semi trucks and the trailers. They’re also allowed on the rear of buses, but not on the steer axles. They have to be brand new. That’s a little bit of information about tires on commercial vehicles.

As well, other information about tires will help you to stay employed when you begin work as a commercial driver – bus or truck.

Finally, requirements for tires that will allow your vehicle to pass an inspection and not be put out of service by authorities if you are pulled into the scale house.

Good luck on your road test!


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