How to Fix Common Car Problems

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When your vehicle starts to do something unnatural, it can be scary and frustrating- especially if you have no experience in fixing cars. Sometimes, these car problems are something you should worry about- but sometimes, you can easily fix them.

Most car problems are fairly common which are experienced by many drivers every day. Fortunately, most of these troubles are nothing serious, and can serve as a warning to avoid more serious problems in the future. Here are a few car troubles that you might encounter and how you can fix them.

Squeaky Brakes: You might be driving on a highway when you start to notice a squeaking sound when you hit the brakes. This can be caused by the vibration of either of the following:

  • Pads and the rotors
  • Calipers and the mounts
  • Pads and the calipers

Squeaking breaks isn’t something you should ignore by simply drowning out the sound. You should bring your vehicle to a mechanic so that it can be repaired.

Check Engine Light: If this light comes on, it is usually a service reminder that your car’s computer has detected a problem with the emission system. This problem can be caused by various reasons; however it is not an immediate problem. If the light comes on, you can keep on driving. Just make sure that you bring your car in for servicing soon.

If the light is red instead of amber, the problem might be something serious. For instance, your car might be running with low engine oil or low oil pressure. If this happens, you should pull over and check the hood as well as the oil level. In addition, look for signs of overheating, such as steam from the radiator.

Air Conditioner Failure: It can be quite frustrating when your air conditioner fails you at a time when you need cool and refreshing air the most. If your car’s air condition fails, the most likely cause is the lack of refrigerant. If that’s not the cause, the problem might most likely be the compressor.

Vehicle Pulls to One Side: Once you notice that your vehicle starts to veer off in a certain direction when you get your hands off the steering wheel, or you are having a hard time keeping your car in a straight line, your car might not be properly aligned. This can be fixed by taking your car in for realignment.

Clicking Sound: You might hear a clicking sound as your roll and it is driving you nuts. Do not panic by thinking that it might be a major problem. You can pull your car over or find an empty parking space. Check the exposed tread of each tire. You should also get in your vehicle and roll it backward and forward until you expose every part of the tread. You might find a piece of gravel, small piece of rock, or something. Get it off your tire tread and your problem is solved.

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Source by Sara Schweiger