how to fix big rust holes on a vehicle – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By

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40 Replies to “how to fix big rust holes on a vehicle – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By”

  1. Oh yeah! Love these vids, he wears glasses I'm sure their safety glasses and I bet he holds his breath while sanding oh yeah! He's got it all under control guy's .. oh yeah! Would have like to seen more work being done on that Chevy.

  2. Not going to preach safety but…I just 3 weeks ago had to have a piece of steel cut out of my eye by an eye doc that I had to call out on a Sunday afternoon. Was grinding a body panel just like him. And I was wearing safety goggles!!! A bouncer just went right under the skirt of the goggles and sizzled right into my cornea. I wear the goggles AND a face shield now!

  3. I realize hundreds of people made these comments as well, but I can't resist.
    – No mask
    – No helmet
    – No ear protection
    – No gloves
    – you didn't replace the plug
    – you didn't patch the other areas that allowed the water to get in there in the first place
    – you didn't repair the rust back there

    In other words, you'll be doing the same job in a year, except next time you're gonna have to replace the metal in the front and the back.
    – starting a fire for light?
    Burned a hole in your pants? There's this modern invention called flashlights.

    And by the way, cameras don't focus when you're 1 inch away from the subject.

    Oh yeah.

  4. You are my hero, No Mask, No Goggles, no protection gear at all, Not even protecting your eyes when welding hahah! im restoring a jeep with tons of rust this is exactly what i needed to see . Thanks for the awesome video right to the point,

  5. Ya know I watched one of your videos yesterday an was like what the he is he doing? I'm a body an paint man my self an never done some of the things you do but I can't seem to stop watching you lol. But hell it works an it looks good as far as I can see so keep it up man it works

  6. They should be making vehicles out of zinc coated metal. That would slow down any rusting. Also I didn't see you use any rust treatment to stop rusting behind the panels that you put in.

  7. The squint is strong with this guy. I wish he was closer, I'd keep him busy.

    When you are a smoker, it makes a thick mucous layer in your lungs that protect them and trap the particles that are spat out.

  8. He is living the dream. Working for himself and earning a good living. He has people coming to his shop because of his good work . Keep the videos coming most of us appreciate your knowledge.

  9. What the hell guys?! He discovered wearing eye protection, he's wearing glasses! If it's good enough for Norm Abram, it's good enough for the rest of us.

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