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How to fix a flat tire using expanding insulating foam. Works great for small tires like hand truck, dolly, wheel barrel, or small bike tires. I have also seen people using it in 4 wheeler mud tires. Doesn’t add hardly any weight. You can do two hand truck tires or one wheel barrel tire per can. Shot this video on Oct 12, 2011. It is December 31, 2016 now and my tires are still nice and firm.

Don’t forget the water! Poly foam needs it to cure properly inside a sealed tire.

Clean the tire out if it has any contaminants like old “fix a flat” or oil. Contaminants might break down the foam and keep it from curing.

It is better to hold the can up side down unless you plan to shake it often.

If you drill a hole in the tire or try to put the foam in thru the valve stem, a bunch of the foam will come back out due to the pressure.

If you don’t want to go in thru the bead, you can drill two holes in the sidewall. One to fill and one 180 degrees from that to relieve the air pressure.

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