Headlight Restoration Services for Fleet Customers

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We have noticed a new trend with our fleet customers, and they are wanting to save more money. In the last couple of decades large car and truck fleet managers have often removed and replaced normal wearable items. Today as fleet customers want to save more money, due to a take meaning of the belts of upper management onto middle management, they are asking for repairs on things like mirrors, bumpers, body trim, seats and even headlights. It all started with windshield repair about 15 years ago. Rather than replacing a window or windshield you would simply replace the hole or crack with resin. This trend is increasing.

At the last mobile tech Expo in Orlando, Florida we saw at least 10 vendors for windshield repair, to vendors for plastic repair, six vendors for upholstery repair, and even a vendor who sold a acrylic headlight and lens repair in a small box kit. The cost to replace headlights for a fleet of vehicles can easily cost thousands of dollars. We have found that there is actually competition, which approaches fleet shop owners and managers asking for ways to keep their fleets headlights in shape.

It is more cost-effective for managers of large fleets to maintain their vehicles headlights, then to replace them. We have found that harm full UV rays can cause substantial damage overtime to these fleets of vehicles. We have seen this at budget, Avis, Hertz, Dollar and Enterprise Rent-A-Car. We have also seen this at Hewlett-Packard, which is the largest owner dealer of Ford Taurus in the world. Every 18 months Hewlett-Packard leases brand-new Ford Taurus' and Ford Taurus wagons. They are even planning to lease Ford's new highbred sedans. The headlights on these vehicles become opaque overtime in a look cloudy. In addition to this rollover carwashes and un-maintained or poorly maintained in Bay automatics scratch the surface of the lenses. There is also road debris and shopping cart therapy at the local Wal-Marts. We has studied the products to solve these problems.

The best product we have found is made by; micros surface fishing products, Inc., who generally specializes in products used in the manufacturing and restoration of aircraft transparencies for museums military aviation and general aviation. Some of their higher end acrylic kits are used by the airlines; SW, Jed Blue, Continental Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines, Alaska air, Trans air, Ted, and FedEx. This company has now designed in marketed acrylic headlight lens restoration kits for the automotive detailer and car care professional.


The Detail Guys, our company, has approved this as our product of choice for headlight restoration. If you run an auto repair shop, body shop, truck repair business or currently offer automotive detailing services; you might wish to look into this as a possible add on service. Think about it.

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