Hard Steering? Check This. Don't loose control of your truck

Hey Truckers! This truck developed as steering problem and the fix is a pretty common one. We walk you through the steering U joint issue on this truck and show you how it should work. This is an important grease fitting that is usually taken care of during preventative maintenance. How are your grease fittings looking?

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18 Replies to “Hard Steering? Check This. Don't loose control of your truck”

  1. Ok, I was really paying attention, but I didnโ€™t hear how you resolved the problem. Was it on a Volvo? Did you replace the u joint or did you get a new steering shaft for the truck? Was it a sealed u joint originally and you replaced it with a serviceable one? Iโ€™m not a big fan of Volvos anyway. I check that steering on any and everything I drive, especially if itโ€™s an older truck. Ok, I watched it a 3rd time…it is a Volvo.

  2. I was hoping you would show how to replace the part now I have to make my own video.

  3. Tcs light comes on after steering shaft repair. Whats your thoughts on how to recalibrate the sensor.

  4. DUDE. Please make a detailed video about how the steering components work, and common problems to look for. I know some problems and defects are obviously, but the FMSCA and schools do a shit job of educating us on the details. My truck has 510k, tight steering, decent power steering power, a greased fifth wheel, tight u-bolts on all axles, and no obvious steering linkage defects, but it has become an absolute chore to keep it between the lines. HELP

  5. It started on mine (2015 vnl d13).from your vid I think that's the problem. It feels more lose on hi way straight road , it s like floating left to right on not super smooth hi way. ,but when trying to turn corners , I have to put some force on the wheel to make the turn , is like the wheel is resisting to do what I need it to do (never got leaks of power steering fluid) .

  6. Interesting. Im complaining about a kw w/ hard steering. Company took it to shop & bow they're saying nuffn is wrong

  7. I went to an auction and the volvo looks very clean and as soon I turn the steering sounds like if it's need more fluid and I check and the meters was full but the steering really annoying. Can some help me out please!!

  8. This is the repair from the start to the end I have done . Hopefully gon a help someone step by step, big difference in steering guys, my hard steeringdisappeared and no more "floating like" on hi way : https://youtu.be/pOJ0TqQYbII

  9. waste of time watching these 2 guys just bulls#!t about about a bunch of nothing.

  10. i was coming out of Raleigh nc going to Charlotte nc and suddenly i lost control of my International truck and hit the guard rail and blocked the right lane, had it towed to nearest shop. the steering wheel would just spin round and round. Removed the steering gear box and dissembled, the shaft with the worm gear had broken into with a smooth break. Never seen or heard of this before in my 25 years as a truck driver. I was told these gear boxes are built like tanks, in my case $8000 worth of damage to my truck, it was a good thing traffic had slowed down to 30 mph because of bad weather or it could have been worse.

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