Hankook – The Heavy Duty Tire Line

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Hankook Tire has been operating for 13 years in the market of commercial vehicles. The mark begins to spread nine tire options, divided into two segments: medium and long distance, mixed (within and off-road) and severe applications. For urban use, the manufacturer is preparing to launch in the second half of this year.

Around the world, the company celebrates the increasing sales of general tires in 112% and the heavy line in 119%, both in comparing the accumulated from January to December 2006 against 2007.

The heavy line of Hankook aims to deliver comfort, durability and security for all applications involving vehicles such as trucks and buses. “Due to bad road conditions and heavy use of these vehicles, these aspects are essential for this type of tire. Our products are already available to customers, ” he adds.

The Line

Tires AH11, DH05 and TH10 are specific to the average line distance. They are suitable for the vehicles that travel less than 500 kilometers per trip and between 50 thousand and 130 thousand kilometers per year at high speed and well paved roads.

For the long distance segment, Hankook offers the market models AL02 and DL05, tires for vehicles running over 500 miles per trip and more than 130 a year. These models are applied at higher speeds and better road traffic conditions.

The brand aims now to enter the race for participation in the urban segment. Models that will have this mission will be the AU02W and AU03. Both are suggested to vehicles that travel less than 150 kilometers per trip and 50 thousand kilometers per year, always in a town circuit service, with frequent stops and starts.

AM06 and DM03 are the two representatives in the most severe applications, the line of mixed use. The tires are designed to run on routes with up to 10% of dirt roads, traveling up to 150 miles each, along a path traveled from 110 thousand to 150 thousand kilometers per year, driving in low and medium speeds.

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Source by Xam Sire