F450 and trucks with 19.5 Wheels and Tires – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By USTrailer.com

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A quick video on the tires and rims.


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28 Replies to “F450 and trucks with 19.5 Wheels and Tires – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By USTrailer.com”

  1. Where do you get your tired balanced? I have a 2012 f450 with 225/70/19.5 and they vibrate and shake the steering wheel. They have dynabeads in the tires but they don't help. I've been to two tire shops and they turned me away what's the deal.

  2. Can you recomend rims for non-dualy? I have a f250 with the v10 I use primarily for towing. I would love to have a diesel dually but the truck is paid for. So, not going to do that yet lol

  3. My f450 does the same thing when driving down the highway and I drive into a rut. It's really bad on uneven lanes. I thought some was wrong when the dealership could not figure out why. Now I am relieved after watching this video.

  4. On the subject of tires, I see the max tire pressure and max load rating. When hitching up a trailer (5th wheel or gooseneck) with about 2000 lbs of tongue weight, do you assume max air pressure or is there some gradient increase to consider? If so, do you consider differences between rear axle and front axle and does the DRW have different computation from a SRW? I appreciate any thoughts you may offer on this.

  5. Thanks for the info on tires. I've recently purchased a 5th wheel TT ahead of having a tow vehicle. I've been reluctant to give up my Jeep so I can buy one. 🙂 However, I'll need to make that move soon. I'm curious if there's any tire rotation for DRW trucks since it seems the tires on the rear axle might have a more defined purpose by design. I'm limiting myself to looking at Ram 3500 and F350's. I'm still in shock over the huge towing capacity variations for the same model truck. Do I need to have significant concern over any after market wheels on a truck or are they all expected to be equal or better in weight capacity? With a Jeep, I know I need to look at hub centric vs lug centric to know which is better for reliability.

  6. im an up and coming truck owner and the level of knowledge you possess is incredible. im also a long time powerstroke dealership technician. this info is really really good! i like to understand what im working on and driving and your giving me more info than ive ever been able to take in period! very good vids that apply directly too me, thanks again

  7. Thanks for the video and information on tires. It helps towards comparing the F350 versus F450. The stiffer 19.5 tire no doubt can handle greater overload conditions. But if you stay within the rated load, the F350 and F450 duallies have essentially the same capacity. In this case, the points you bring up suggest the F350 and its tires are the better choice – less expensive and more readily available tires, better handling and drift characteristics, etc. Would you agree, or am I missing something?

  8. I have had that problem on all super duty ford truck I've driven for work . All the truck where bear bone plan trucks I always figured that y they did that . My coworkers just got an f350 duly platinum and dose not have that problem. I drive the same truck but the plane daisy and I'm alway trying to keep the dam thing on the road when I hit a bump and makes it worse when I have wight on a trailer. F250 and f350 are what I've had that happen.duly and not duly

  9. I just placed an order for a F450.  Driving a dually will be new to me but I wanted to give one a try since I only use my truck to pull a trailer and I am upgrading to a 38 foot gooseneck.  Anyway, I believe what you are referring to in this video is called tramlining.  My first new car was a '96 Z28 SS which had a big tendency to tramline.  However, that was due to the width of the tire.

  10. I have this truck on order with these tires so the timing of your video is great. I can tell its a firmer ride and it follows road irregularities a bit more but not bad. If the truck was really rough you would hear it in your voice while recording this video and you were able to talk like normal. I will be adding 3k to the cab chassis so it will probably change the way is feels and tracks aswell. Thanks!

  11. in reference to the 19.5 tires & wheels. You said you planned on keeping this 450 for a couple more years. Why not go to Alcoa or weld and get a set if 20 or even 22 inch from them that will fit the truck? the 17 even has the same lug pattern so you could use them on your new truck also?

  12. The 19.5 tires are no big deal I've had trucks with them for years they last longer they carry a load better I would never buy Continental 19.5s they are shit they came factory on Fords the rubber compound is hard they wear good but they handle like crap. Run Michelin or Bridgestone 19.5s they ride and handle better, my last F-450 cab and chassis truck with flatdeck I had I carried up to 5 ton no way in hell can you do that on 17-18 inch pickup tires.  When you are squatting 225/70.19.5 your carrying some weight, 550 I used to drive I put nearly 6 tons on it.  BTW you mount 19.5 tires with spoons the tire shops you deal with must be a bunch of fucking jam tarts.  Been around trucking all my life this video made me laugh.

  13. 19.5's are considered commercial tires. 19.5" tires aren't themselves hard to mount, it's the Continental that is extremely difficult. They have very stiff sidewalls and beads that make it hard to mount. I think the 19.5's look sick on the the dailies. Put some Michelin XZE's on next and it will be a world of difference.

  14. Just wanted to add, I had custom 22.5 rims made for my f350. Singles. Each tire is capable of 5500 lbs. at 110 psi. I will never have over 11,000 lbs on my rear axle. I run low pro's (drop axle semi) and are about 37" in diameter. Around town they run at 35 psi and are quite flexible. They last forever and have been on this truck for 9 years. The point of all this was to carry a big Truck Camper and eliminate the sway from the tires without having duels sticking out on back roads.

  15. watched this video because I work at a tire shop(discount tire) and we aren't allowed to work on 19.5 or 22.5 because of the escalated dangers and also the heavy duty equipment required which we don't have…anyways thanks for being informative great vid

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