Everything You Need to Know About Power Screwdrivers

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Have you met a stubborn screw that will not drive in the material you working with and spoiled your DIY project? And what about this one that just will not budge off seemingly welded in the material itself. These are just mood spoilers, taking the fun out of your DIY project. The solution is cheap but effective though. Take a power screwdriver!

For quick household repairs, In-Line power screwdrivers do the work very well. You can not trust them to do heavy duty work though, but they are more than sufficient enough for small DIY projects. For more oil and muscle, consider drywall screwdriver instead. They are offered at various models of varying speed. Do not play down the very basic look of some of these models, they pack full of punch. The 7-shaped ones are the easiest to handle and drive screws in. To work around tricky corners, there are those with pivoted handles for easy maneuvering.

Before you decide which one to get for your projects, do not forget to check other aspects such as comfort. Professional contractors would like to go for foam-grip models to prevent blistering their hands from long hours of work. To help you decide which one is right for you, hold the screwdriver for a while. Some stores would even let you test run different products to help you find the perfect fit.

Remember two features that are important in power screwdrivers: torque power and speed. Keep the kind of work you want the screwdriver to end and compare different models before deciding on which one to take home. The store attendant should know their product well and can recommend the right one for you.

Recharge an empty screwdriver battery at once ready for your next quick fix. In fact, it's not a good idea to leave the batteries dead for long periods of time. If you need to use the screwdriver often, get another battery. This way you can continue to use your power tool while the other battery is charging.

To protect your power tool and to organize its accessories as well as your other DIY tools, get a screwdriver kit. It's a light metal case where a power screwdriver has a special place for it only. The kit also has other compartments to neatly organize your other tools as well – prevent your bolts from rolling about anywhere. Most kits come with a power cord for your screwdriver, extra battery, and even a cigarette lighter charger so that you can charge your power tool while driving to work. If you want to save money, it's always best to get the kit from buy individual accessories.

And hey, if you're working with a power tool, be on your wits all the time. It's best to remember how your father says, "take your fingers away from moving parts." The revolving blade could easily dismember your hands if you're careless. Never operate your power screwdriver without goggles, too.

Power screwdrivers can pack a full punch; it can sink a screw to a hardwood platform like hot knife through butter. Ensure that there are no power lines behind your working area to avoid accidental electrocution. Ladies, keep your long, shinny hair away from your working area; I think you can picture out what might happened if your power tool swallows a few strand. And lastly, turn off your power screwdriver first before checking the beauty of your work.

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Source by Holly J Cooper