Engage AC Compressor Clutch with a Paperclip on Relay | How to Fix Bypass Won't Engage | Jump Relay

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If your A/C compressor clutch won’t engage because the refrigerant is too low, then you can jump the 30 and 87 pins to get the Clutch Engage. Make sure you are prepared to immediately fill the refrigerant, or shut off the engine and prepare after seeing this works to engage the AC clutch. Because you do not want to damage the compressor by turning it on too long without Refrigerant.
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24 Replies to “Engage AC Compressor Clutch with a Paperclip on Relay | How to Fix Bypass Won't Engage | Jump Relay”

  1. How do you tell its the right one? I'm not sure witch one to pull out and look at 98 f150 no ac but the cluck isn't moving

  2. It worked in my car clutch turn on and my a/ was blowing cold…But after putting the relay back on it does not come on at all…..Can anyone give me info on this? Think I have a wireing problem.

  3. On your vehicle will you have all your relays a lot of those relays you have very many of them and they all have the same number on them so if you're having a problem with like your AC relay look it up on the chart so you can see where it is can look for it the same relay with the same numbers on it for example I was checking out a car AC wasn't working so I turned on the windshield wipers and they work fine I took the relay from the windshield wipers can I put them into the relay box for the air conditioning and also reject the windshield wipers and they worked so both relays for good this is also an easy way to see if a person has a bad relay on air conditioning also there are pressure switch could be bad I already replaced the pressure switch on the air conditioning system sometimes labeltex good with a scanner and then you barely tap on the pressure switch and the AC doesn't work so I always changed pressure switch on the air conditioning system you can also check on the compressor clutch why are going to the compressor clutch you can turn on the switch I see what the voltage is what does switch have to be turned on this place is it turned on it won't work so you have to have your key switch on can you turn the air conditioning on car you've already checked to see if the wire going to the compressor gives you focus put the key on and then you turn on the air conditioner you will get the voltage also you can use your test light or ohmmeter for the air compressor clutch you hear one prolonged volt direct current 1 to the negative and want to deposit it and it will turn on if it's working also on the clutch for the air condition compressor has electrical components in it and if those small electrical part of the clutch will not engage the clutch also if you're having computer problems in your vehicle because of pressure can you get check the voltage going to the four wire pressure switch some cars have two pressure switches also some cars have a three wire pressure switch you can check the electrical on the line going to the AC voltage cause that pressure switch will communicate with the computer I always change the pressure switch in air conditioning system and with the key on the air compressor on turn on the I'm getting tired of you to go to bed okay and this information will help you

  4. Hi sr
    So what happens if the clutch doesn't engaged when doing this?
    I have a new compressor and it's its filled with ac.
    Fuse it's good too. Relay it's good.
    When I try jumping the relay 30 and 87. The clutch doesn't move, I try jumping the low pressure switch and clutch doesn't engage.
    03 jeep liberty 3.7.
    Thank you much for your video ☺

  5. My ac clutch relay has no diagram? All those prong/ connector things are all parallel or all in each corner…
    How do I find out which prong is what?

  6. That was a great example how to save money cause dealer would have told said you need a compressor

  7. Thanks for the info. I was searching for ways to bypass a faulty relay for central air and this popped up which is definitely needed being that my wife’s compressor clutch is not engaging. I’m going to try this and see if it works. Thanks again!

  8. I have warm air blowing thru vents. My AC clutch on accord 2009 won’t engage. I replaced relay with the horn relay and still not engaging AC clutch. I also replaced the fuse with spare fuse provided with cover. Still AC clutch not engaging…compressor not spinning with AC turned on. So will this jumper work or maybe I need to buy a new relay switch? Or do I just have a more serious problem .

  9. Of course the relay in my car has no numbers on it 😡

  10. Why use the magic of video shortcut? 😒 We need to a tually see it hot wire and start working. Some of us have never done this

  11. Does anyone know why the compressor cycles on and off. I have the right amount of freon and it gets cold but then the compressor shuts off making the inside air hot

  12. Hi buddy would i see pwr @ the ac comp plug if my ac system has no gas in it at all.


  14. So if you jump it and it works, what now lol do I leave the wire in there or get a new relay? I switched it with another one but same problem

  15. I def need to try this on my is300. I removed the Freon because it was over filled and when it go to low now the ac won’t spin….. so now I need to jump the compressor see if that works or I’ll buy another ac compressor relax if need be. But want to try this first

  16. I did my jumper pins but for some reason even with the compressor clutch on the Freon doesn’t want to go in the system.

  17. I have a 2005 Pontiac Grand Am. Refrigerant level is good has no leaks. Put a new AC Compressor but still don't have Cold air. AC Compressor doesn't active. What can I check??

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