Emergency Fix For Blown or Leaking Brake Chamber DIY Step By Step Guide. How To Fix It Yourself


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Check out US Trailer Rental


This video will show you what to do if you have a blown or leaking brake chamber. THIS IS FOR AN EMERGENCY ONLY ! And should be repaired as soon as possible. This if just to get you off the road and to a safe place or shop.

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26 Replies to “Emergency Fix For Blown or Leaking Brake Chamber DIY Step By Step Guide. How To Fix It Yourself”

  1. This just saved my tale and wallet thanks so much!! I couldn’t get the original off of the bolt off the problematic chamber but thank God the trailer had 1 of 4 on it. If it wasn’t for that I’d still be stuck. 😅😅😅

  2. Take the cage bolts off the chambers and put them with your tools. When you need them they are clean and ready. Things don't always break on dry sunny days. Oh, when the rod breaks inside the can that's pretty cool .

  3. Must be very nice weather were you are cause up here in Canada you would never get the cage bolt out with the salt, snow, mud and ice it locks the bolt in the pot tighter then a nuns corset you would bust the pot before you would ever get the bolt out with a hammer it's funny what steel and aluminum does together

  4. I had the service side blow out on me once. I took the service glad hand off, stuck a quarter between the glad hands, and put it back on the trailer. Used the Jake to stop the truck and downshifted all the way to 2 nd gear. Got her home safely. Lol

  5. Great video thanks brother. The socket and wratchet saves the hand to. Padded gloves are good with the wrench help save the hands. Sometimes it feels like it takes forever to get it caged. Thanks again keep up the great work see you in the next video

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