Electric brake controller install for semi truck

Proper ground is key to the install.
semi truck air brake chamber replacement

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  1. I never went that route for electric trailer brakes i just made up an adapter for my 7 pin to a Blade Style and it works great

  2. Glad that one worked out for ya man. Good video.

  3. You don't want to cheap out on brake controllers, I bought one from Princess and it didn't make the first trip.   Do you set the controller so that the truck does most of the braking ?    I like to use dielectric grease on all of my connections on the batteries I think it works.  I know one guy that just installed air brakes on his smaller trailers he pulled with his tractor.  I asked about the expense and he said it will pay for its self in trailer tires and headache, and it sounds really cool when you pull up to the campsite with you long nose Pete and set the brakes on your huge toy hauler. lol

  4. I've had bad luck with aftermarket brake controllers.. this might be the reason why! I hope things stay working for ya bud!

  5. I've had really good luck with Redline brake controllers, also been happy with the one Curt controller I've got. A good ground makes sense, but I'm sure if you had run the ground out to a ground stud/strap on the frame you would have been just fine too. Grounding something like that in the cab is a no no. Good job!

  6. Your video helped me big time! I burned/melted 3 controllers before I saw this video. I was grounding my controller to the main ground buss where everything else is grounded. I initially thought nothing of your video regarding the ground wire directly to the battery. I'll be a son of a biscuit eater if it didn't fix all of my controller problems on my 1999 freightliner FLD 120. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience.

  7. Where did you get your power from the box I'm having the same issues on a 99 in 9100

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