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A widely quoted 2013 study comparing the total cost of ownership (TCO) between gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles conducted by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute concludes that owners of diesel vehicles enjoy a cost advantage over owners of gasoline vehicles. However, the study was heavily slanted toward diesel automobiles from Volkswagen and Mercedes and only covered the first three to five years of ownership, when diesel resale values enjoy a decidedly higher advantage. The study’s conclusions for trucks include the following:

“Vehicles in the medium-size pickup segment have a mixed picture of TCO in the three-year timeframe. The Chevrolet Silverado 2500 saves the owner $3,673 more than the owner of the gas-powered version of the vehicle and the GMC Sierra 2500 owner saves $2,720. The Dodge Ram diesel owner saves only $67 more than the owner of the gas-powered version. The F-250 diesel owner pays an estimated $1,395 more than the owner of the gas-powered version,” the study stated.

It should be noted that this study compared vehicle costs operated by ­consumers rather than vehicles operated in commercial/­fleet related service.

Another well-known and often-quoted source of vehicle cost data is Vincentric. In a 2012 study comparing gasoline vs. diesel vehicles, the company found: “When all costs to own and operate a diesel were taken into account, the average cost of ownership for diesels was $1,203 more than their all-gasoline-powered counterparts, with results assuming an annual mileage of 15,000 over five years.”

These findings were largely unchanged in the company’s follow-on study in 2014.

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  1. My fiance and 1 both own dodge rams same year's 2005. Mine is a cummins his is gas. We filled up in kansas at the exact same times with same size gas/feul tanks and both have no after market mods. We both traveled from kansas to AZ and the milage for both are almost the same. Everytime we filled up the gas /fuel needles are in the exact same position in both trucks. There is absolutely zero difference in feul milage in gas and diesel. Unless you have actully done this comparison on a road trip with 2 identical situations just one diesle and one gas then your spewing crap. I did this half way across the country with identical driving and load situations

  2. What about if you’re hauling a 5 x 8 trailer every day for mobile car wash I have a V6 GMC sierra

  3. One important thing to add to the equation is resale. Diesels, at least in the NE command huge prices on the used market.

  4. That dude has the Cummins diesel of mustaches.

  5. Started a hauling services buisness what do you guys think should I buy a diesel or gas? Looking for a 2500 nothing less, thought about a LBZ duramax to not need all those emissions restrictions. Would appreciate suggestions I have been breaking my head trying to figure this out. Thanks!

  6. Diesel is good for people who like driving. My 2017 ram is awesome on long trips. Super efficient.

  7. what would you recommend for a full time truck camper that weighs 2900 pounds ??

  8. What about an ram with 3.0 ecodiesel? I guess its the same for every diesel?

  9. I really need expert advice here. I tow about 8/10 thousand pounds every single week from Portland to Seattle, and use my truck to go around 8,000 ft in the mountains to dig and collective native trees to sell. It’s big money and I’m one of the only people left in the PNW who does it. My truck is my business’s heart beat. So I have kind of a complex situation. I need a very reliable powerful V-8 to do fairly heavy towing often but some thing that is not going to freeze up when I camp in the mountains for weeks at a time with nowhere to plug in a diesel. I currently have a 1997 GMCK 2500 with 667,000 miles on it. It is a 5.7 Vortec. Has done me well for many many years but she’s starting to go. Had her rebuilt at 450,000. I mean I seriously have never put more than 200,000 miles on a truck but this one is just an absolute beast and the proof is in the mileage. So I’m finally ready to upgrade to something either brand new or nearly brand new.

    So to recap.

    I need power for long periods of towing and very rough forest service mountain roads, but worried about freezing temps causing me to get stuck with a diesel in some of the most rugged remote land in the continental US. Washington state. But will towing this much weight for 5 months a year, every week ruin a gasoline engine?

    Diesel or gas?

  10. I dont tow alot of weight.Just a 6×12 enclosed for now.Alot of times its loaded so maybe 4-5000 lbs.I do however tow almost everytime I drive and I've probably towed around 40k miles this year.Would you still suggest a gasser?Not to mention,I currently have a 6.2 that calls for premium

  11. I been considering a diesel I pull a 30ft travel trailer not often enough but currently few times a year longest distance 180 miles no crazy hills, I also tow my tractor and far, equipment a lot in summer to different properties keeping land maintained etc . I do just fine with my half ton 5.7 L V8 but gas mileage kills me towing . But I don’t think I tow enough to be worth the head ache and cost ?

  12. How about delete kits will that at least cut down on future cost and increase longevity ? I’m thinking about grabbing myself a 2012 Chevy 6.6 for a side hobble with a 30hp tractor. my 1500 Chevy just can’t haul it and 6.0 gas is just hurting in the mpg category!!

  13. good thing i got a 1500hd, i just tow my track car a few times a year and with all the extra savings over the years I can pay for my trailer that way. BMWs are expensive for maintenance i own a gas bmw and it means broke mans wallet, just imagine what the cost of the diesel BMWs must be.

  14. Ever travel cross country in a diesel pickup and try to fill up? It is a complete pain in the ass to find diesel pumps at many gas stations! Then lets not forget the diesel exhaust fluid you now have to add along with the extra maintenance costs that adds. That is another pain in the butt. Then, the cost of diesel is almost always higher than gasoline now. So, unless you absolutely must have diesel, which most of us don't, Gas is the way to go. You can find it anywhere, its cheaper, and the extra power that diesel offers just isn't worth it. And here is the worse part. Diesel engines used to go several hundred thousand trouble free miles. That was the biggest reason to buy one. The fact that the fuel used to be cheaper was a bonus. Now they break just as often as their gas counterparts. So you pay a premium for the engine (10K plus), you pay more for the fuel, and you pay more for the maintenance. So where's the advantage? They make more $$$ off you! That's all…

  15. New diesel are crap the emissions will fail. I have a landscaping business and we haul everyday with gas and get the job done.

  16. Got a 3.0l Duramax Sierra crew cab slt. Great mpg but the high pressure fuel pump went at 25k. A glow plug failed at 38k. My oil changes are close to $200.

  17. But whatever you want the maintenance on a diesel isn’t much more then a gas people exadurating it

  18. 2020-2021 Chevy Silverado 1500 Duramax diesel with a 3.0 L engine gets 23mpg in town and 30+mpg depending on your driving. Tows 9,300Lb as a 1/2 tone. I’m tempted to buy one, Few friends of mine absolutely love there’s.

  19. I’m about to buy a new 22’ Chevy 2500 6.6 gas. I need to to a camper and daily drive it. I had a 15’ f250 diesel and I couldn’t believe how expensive it was to daily. The new gas motors out today are too dogs. 15 mpg daily and enough power to tow up to 16k.

  20. What would you guys say for someone who plows a lot in the winter? Only have a 16 foot trailer that I haul 2/3 times a month but in the winter a lot of plowing, currently have a 2017 1500 with a western Enforcer HT plow but anytime I go over 45 it starts going higher then 210. Thinking about a new 2500 but don’t know if I need gas or diesel. Thanks!

  21. Very helpful video. I love the looks of the gmc 2500 at4 but I won’t be hauling extremely heavy stuff. I’m a drywall sub contractor and if I do any material load it’ll be around 4000lbs. I thought by having a diesel it would help in the long run incase I get a trailer to haul heavier loads and for the resale value. Someone also told me it’ll be less maintained but by the looks of this video it’ll be more expensive. I guess the best decision would be a gas truck ????

  22. It’s unfortunate the EPA & gov’t slugheads have ruined the diesel industry with all the clean save the environment crap, diesel motors were never designed to run clean…it’s a heat engine! Engineered to burn oil- anyway, at what GCVWR, does a diesel make sense, over a gasoline engine? Added to this is total mileage per year to justify said diesel ownership? Great video!

  23. Problem with today's society is people are buying their wants not their needs. And because of that all trucks have skyrocketed in cost. I see a lot of these 80k dollar f250s driving around with covers on the back and the trailer hitch hasn't been touched. On the flip side I see a lot of land scrapers pulling trailers around all day with gassers.

  24. Don’t need this negativity lol. Diesel daily til I die!!

  25. Diesel or gas for a welding rig? if not going off road nor pulling anything much?

  26. What's with the Scott Kilmer thumbnail?

  27. What do you think about the 3.0 from gm

  28. Agree.
    I live on ranch at 5600 feet, I was looking into getting a diesel dually for the occasional soil woes which should get pretty heavy, or towing livestock, but after going over The expense and upkeep of a diesel, I've come to the conclusion that a big block Gasser, even super charged if need be, is going to put me out ahead I think over a diesel.
    Like you guys said, unless you are constantly hauling very heavy loads on a regular basis, a diesel is overkill.

    They are cool though.

  29. Something that really wasn’t discussed was the fact they diesel trucks can go 400-500,000 miles and get twice the fuel mileage and gas trucks. If you can afford the upfront cost of a diesel it’s definitely worth it. Not to mention the resale value of a diesel. I think it’s a no brainer.

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