Devices That Improve Fuel Economy – 3 Alternatives

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With pain at the pump turning quickly to agony, many people are looking for devices that will improve the fuel economy of their vehicle. Here are a few examples of such devices:

Fuel Heaters

Fuel heaters in diesel engines actually serve a dual purpose. They keep the fuel from gelling in freezing cold temperatures, and they also have a legitimate claim as a device that improves fuel economy. Heating the fuel also helps with combustion, resulting in a cleaner burn. The downside is that there are no simple kits for adding fuel heaters, so adding one would be a costly endeavor involving a car mechanic. You're not likely to save in fuel what you would expend for installation.

Mixture Enhancers

Anyone who has done any research on devices that improve fuel economy has heard of the Tornado. There are many different devices that all claim to do the same thing: Improve your gas mileage by whirling air in such a way as to push the fuel / air mixture around curves and bends. While many claim that they've gotten better gas mileage since adding such devices to their car's system, others argue that a testimonial is not the same as a controlled scientific study. Instead of investing in a mixture enhancer, it's probably best to hold onto your money and invest in an engine tune-up.

Fuel Magnets

A fuel magnet is a device that is placed around your fuel line. It is supposed to fragment hydrocarbon chains through magnetic resonance thus increasing your fuel mileage. Considering that the US Federal Trade Commission has taken one such product off of the market because it made false claims, this is probably not a wise purchase.

In general, devices that claim to improve fuel economy tend to be scams. It's a sad truth that when people are suffering, there are others who are looking to make a profit off of the suffering. Scammers abound, and with fuel prices at all-time record highs, selling devices that improve fuel economy seems to be the latest target for the unscrupulous few.

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Source by Michael Walker