CRAZY REBUILD 2019 Volvo VNL SEMI Truck ROLLOVER Salvage Copart Project | Rear End Work | PART 8

This is my longest video yet! Let me know if you like the longer videos and leave a LIKE AND COMMENT! Part 8 of this rebuild is great progress! only thing is left is front end, minor engine work, coolant, pipings, and DEF system. Seems like alot but we are about 50% done with this rebuild. Thanks for sticking around and Subscribe to stay tuned! DUECES!










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48 Replies to “CRAZY REBUILD 2019 Volvo VNL SEMI Truck ROLLOVER Salvage Copart Project | Rear End Work | PART 8”

  1. How do you guys like the newer music from NCS? Or you like the older beats I was using? LET ME KNOW! DUECES!

  2. Hi rusty
    I thought at the start of your vids you were a smart arse rich kid , but how wrong can I be you work hard very hard , great vids, rain ☔️ rain ☔️ 🌧

  3. Did they need oil? Thanks

  4. Man I literally binged watch this and I'm excited to see this completed. As a trucker from jax I know all ur pains from the dealers there to doing your own work. I have a 05 volvo vnl670 with a cummins isx in her. I bet when all this is done your going to come out with the cheapest 19 vnl in the country. Keep it up!

  5. i have never seen the drive axles that the towing company pulled out to tow it i hope you got them with the truck and not have to buy those to and make sure to get new gaskets to then use the 80/90 weight oil to top off the drive axles

  6. that is basically the same set up as the peterbilt low air leaf set up also

  7. compare it with the other 3 that are on your truck they are all the same thing

  8. sorry about that one comment you said Ashville i thought i herd Nashville sorry man

  9. does the truck have two differentials out back or only one diff and a tag axle behind it?

  10. Are you planning to drive this truck? If you are, you will have to pass a practical test requiring you to accurately identify all of the mechanical components you have touched during this rebuild. When I say "accurately," I mean use the correct terminology. Right now you would fail miserably.

    Please start using the correct words in your videos. When you call things by their correct names, it makes you look like you know what you're talking about. When you don't … ?

  11. Oh Jesus Christ he not only makes the road less safe by “fixing” trucks wrong and unsafely, he also drives them !! Does know the difference between a kingpin and a ball joint …

  12. Someone else said it , you’ll do great in a Volvo with those flip flops ! Trucking schools… ruining trucking one immigrant at a time

  13. Have you ever thought about going to work at a truck rebuild body shop, where you can be at home every day instead of being out on the road for two weeks and possibly make more  money?

  14. Grab the cab from the Volvo guy?….

  15. i sure would love to be there to help you i am a little old but i still could help a little

  16. bruh me and this guy has same taste wit that music like love that Japanese bass music

  17. I'm amazed the shocks on the semi are so small. The shocks on my F-350 are way bigger than those.

  18. what the fuck with shit music yo can at the fucking least volumes up then blast shit music wow fucking tech blow


  20. 😄like that one for our shop should be like 1 week done

  21. I never heard of rotating tires on a semi. It may have been a thing done in service. I was never an owner operator do I never had to deal with that.

  22. how about some work boots save your toes

  23. There’s a 2015 Volvo cab for sale in Facebook trucks in Denver Colorado

  24. Hi Rusty the music is great and I always look forward to seeing your next video thanks.

  25. PLEASE PLEASE Find some nicer music   PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAASE

  26. Rusty show me tab builder when are you going to build episode 760 please let me know then the next episode please how much all 10 episodes of nursing now and I will try and take some pallets on please let me know when we Max episode taxi soon must timer katsu by Simon

  27. With all the hard work you have done I would keep it and do your own work. It's what i would do.

  28. Justin David I'm sorry I'm not speak very good english questions if you Travel I want It is perfect for me or Let Me Know How much you spend Our body meme triste

  29. Hello rustie my name is David I watch watch watch videos About You Think You are you make a great Job and you know so I have my question is If I believe you Volvo Volvo Twenty night to fix it for me you How much spent on Our Part about you but Let Me Know Please Thank you so much

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