Contractors Can Increase Truck Fuel Economy

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Truck Air Intakes Return the Best Return on Investment

Truck cold air intakes are usually the best and first modification that a truck owner does to increase engine performance dollar per dollar or shall I say "bang for the buck" truck air intakes have some of the best return on investment for "the" one item that will increase the overall performance of your engine. The truck air intake market is only ten years old. As a matter of fact K & N air intakes is the only company (that I have Found) that makes a truck take for older trucks going back as far as 1995 5.0 Liter Engine. Yes the entity unit for a F150 cold air intake 1995 5.0 Liter Engine.

Here is how they work, the purpose of a cold air intake is to take colder outside air (contains more oxygen) and then funnel it into the combustion chamber (better air / fuel mixture). I have experienced a much easier acceleration and lower rpm's overall from my old test mule Bronco. The engine has over 204,000 miles on it and continues to run very well. I do believe my next project is to help the hot exhaust gases get away from the engine with some performance exhaust systems from the headers back.

Increase your performance and have some fun. One of the best performance upgrades I made to my old truck was adding a K & N air filter. I am still in the testing process however I have noticed an increase in my truck response and performance when I hit the gas pedal. The response rate has been pretty improved. I thought my old truck had lost it's get up and go. my Bronco is using an F150 cold air intake to draw air to its 5.0 liter engine.

204,000.00 miles later I have faith in my truck engines ability to make it to the 300,000 mile mark. By implementing after market truck parts in addition to maintaining and replacing OEM (original Equipment manufacturer) parts regularly help increase increase the expectation of my truck. True truck economy is more then just increasing truck mpg.

Being that the market for the truck air intake systems is still less then 10 years old we are still at the beginning of the bell curve for these products and the impact they have on the performance of pickup trucks. Some of the most significant technical changes will certainly have to do with the actual metering of mass air and managing the air / fuel mixture. The true value here is the immediate impact that truck economy, performance, power that helps contractors maximize the investment they make in their pickup trucks.

The range of air intakes systems has certainly expanded over the last ten years. The Kits used to be sold only for race and performance applications. Today they are being marketed for everything from minivans, sport compacts and especially for pickup trucks.

The true test is to find the best system that has been engineered to really do what they are intended to do. Sometimes we run across truck air intake systems that are just filters on a tube. They are not really engineered and they often pull in hot air from the engine compartment and pull that into the fuel air mixture chamber. The importance is that hot air is less than colder air and decrees the truck fuel economy. Truck Economy recommends only engineered truck air intakes. Brands like K & N air intakes and the Brute Force air intake from AEM.

The greatest advantage to the newest truck air intakes is the fact that they are a bolt on after market truck part. This means that anyone can install them in a couple of hours on a Saturday. For more information and dyno testing charts please check out Truck to find truck air intakes and other after market truck parts to help increase your SUV and truck MPG.

Truck Economy is dedicated to sourcing only the best after market truck parts and pick up truck accessories to increase truck economy, MPG and extend the life of your truck. Sourcing truly economic after market truck parts. Truck economy will source the best spark plugs like E3 spark plugs, truck exhaust systems, K & N truck cold air filters, Magnaflow truck exhaust systems, Red Line Synthetic oils, and more parts to increase truck mpg

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Source by Monty Cassel