Continental Winter Tires vs All Season Tires – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By

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Continental Winter Tires vs All-Season Tires


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36 Replies to “Continental Winter Tires vs All Season Tires – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By”

  1. This is just some simple theory, on dry road, winter tires have worse grip even than some summer tires, the only difference is that they do better on snow. I know it counterintuitive, but that's what real world tests show, at least.

  2. Do I (!) need improved performance when I run into a school bus full of young souls? Hm…yes. It would be unbearable to explain my irresponsible behavior to all the parents plus I would still have to live with the guilt. Also these little rascals are supposed to pay my pension. Yeah, gimme that extra performance right away!

  3. 2:25 That ending is ridiculous. You're approaching a friggin' Stop Sign! Those don't just appear out of the middle of Nowhere (well at least not where I drive, there's usually already another Sign 150m earlier advising that a Stop Sign is coming up). There can be more than a car's lenght difference in braking distance between the best tested Winter Tire and the worst tested Winter Tire of the Season. There's going to be a difference betwen old vs new Tires.
    You usually know the Car you're driving and it's Tires, you know what it takes to get it to stop in normal Traffic Conditions. So approaching that Stop Sign in the video, you would start slowing down earlier with those All Season Tires.
    The difference can exist when there is an emergency breaking situation, where you unexpectedly have to break full on.

  4. So many of these videos put out by tire companies to get you to buy another set of tires. Don't listen to them.
    I have all wheel drive, all season tires. Can't even get them to slip on ice, I've tried.
    Please notice all these videos being made by people trying to sell you another set of tires.

  5. doesn't matter how well the tire contacts the road because in snowy weather, the tire will be contacting ice or snow instead of pavement, so the tires aren't really sitting only on pavement, they are sitting/riding on snow/ice & therefore the best answer in the winter is to simply slow down, leave distance, & not rely on if your tires are touching the road..

  6. But even when air temperature is 7C tarmac temeprature is much higher especially during daylight and in urban areas. What's moreover tyre temperature itself is also higher than air due to friction.

  7. Although this is very true, it fails to take into account that the tire itself is not 32 degrees F, but because of road friction is a lot warmer and still pliable. Winter tires are best for the conditions, there's no debate. I'm glad alinus gives a European spelling for tires, cause I don't want you driving on the same road as I am with 6" of snow on summer tires. That's foolish and dangerous. Also why traffic comes to a halt during a snow or ice storm in the UK.

  8. oi
    yes winter tires do work alot more and stuff but they ware out faster and stuff but its not bad to have them in the winter times though so its a good idea to have 2 sets one for winter and one for summer but yeah
    the end

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