Cleaning the Most Dirty Vehicles in the World – Garbage Trucks

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Washing a refuse truck, a garbage truck or a trash truck is very tough as these trucks are made in a specific way that the holes and little boxes these trucks has will spray all the water on you. The water will come back from all different angles and will soak you. Therefore, any dirt or soil on the truck will be on you. These trucks are very difficult to wash because one has to soap up every single square of the whole garbage truck.

If you are employed in a Green Team, BFI or local municipality, they will have more than forty trucks. Therefore, it is very hard to accomplish the job but you can earn handsome amount of money through this job. These trucks bear hydraulics lifts in their front and it may be risk of fire if you do not cleanse all of the grease. Grease is typically present in the hydraulic mechanical fittings. Drivers attempt to squeeze as much garbage as they could into these trucks so that they have to do fewer trips. Each time these trucks go to the dump it costs good amount of money to the company.

These trash companies want to have clean vehicles, just like federal express maintain their vehicles. These companies are seeking to have good image like Federal Express. While cleaning handles of these trucks you have to use your hands. You can not use brushes between the little squares and handles.

While cleaning these waste trucks it is better to wear a suit that can protect you from the water. You are able to spray water on these trucks and as well can repeat with hot water and high pressure and can clean them pretty much without using your hands. Neverheless, when you clean these trucks for first time you have to use your hands. If you do not have a good team then you will waste all your effort and labor.

Cities own garbage trucks that are used for garbage collection. In order to get the job you are required to bid on an annual contract. Most of the city contracts begin from June until next June. Most of the cities contract with Waste Management, BFI, or other big trash companies.

Some cities and counties clean their own used garbage trucks, as they may possess municipal yard. A county might also own recycling trucks, which they possess as part of a reprocessing program. If you want to have a government contract, you have to bid for that and then you will have lots of work for one year. Neverheless, your team must be good in cleaning these trash trucks otherwise you will not get the perfect compensation you want.

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