Car Battery Jump Starter Box TEST/REVIEW 8 amp Jump Start Booster Pack

Car Battery jump starter test review. Can an 8 amp lithium ion battery booster jump start an SUV Nissan Pathfinder with a 6 cylinder 4.0 liter motor? This DieHard portable jump starter may surpise you. I was skeptical that such a small portable car battery charger, that you can use to charge your phone or tablet would be able to jump start a car or truck engine this size.
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This DieHard portable car battery jump starter is rated 8000 mAh (8 amp) with 400 amp peak jump starting power. Not only will this compact lithium ion car battery booster assist a dead car battery in sending just enough extra charge to the starter motor, it will jump start your car without a better at all. This compact portable jump box is the perfect emergency jump pack that you should keep handy on case of a dead car battery situation. Toss the clunky jumper cables! This car battery jump starter is all you need to jump start a dead battery.
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