Car ATV Motorcycle Plastic Gas Tank FIX Repair Leak – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By

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Vehicle Truck 4 wheeler UTV ATV Quad Fuel tank fix
Plastic Petrol tank sprung a leak.
If you need a soldering iron, here is a great kit:

If you have a little more money this is my favorite:

This just so happens to be from a 1996 Ford Escort.


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36 Replies to “Car ATV Motorcycle Plastic Gas Tank FIX Repair Leak – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By”

  1. good work .my dads old wagon couldn't pass smog test in California here because of a evap leak turns out the plastic tank had 3 hairline cracks and was leaking a bit .I just used a clothing iron and melted the area a bit and over the cracks lol worked out it passed smog lol.

  2. Here's a challenge for you . 02 Chevy venture plastic gas tank leaks around filler nipple to tank (check valve in nipple) plastic nipple appears to be of different plastic than tank . If your repair works, you save about 800. on OEM tank if you can find one . If you get a tank from wrecking yard be sure to check all evap lines are clear especially rollover vent and line . Bugs build some strong nests in there and block the vapor flow . Have you been successful with this repair ?

  3. I just dropped my fuel tank, and, leak in the same spot (on my 1996 Ford Escort). Ford actually had recalls (97v144000,97v145000) for this issue on a small subset of the vehicles affected, specifically only some 1995's. The solution, if your tank is not YET leaking, is to remove the attachments holding the heat shield to the tank (the straps and large bolts hold everything in place, the hardware attaching the heat shield to the tank was only relevant during factory assembly). Research 97v144000 or 97v145000 on Google.

  4. enjoy watching your vids.
    do you think this would work on mixed fuel tank for a gas trimmer?
    i tried JB weld on it, but 4 days later, it litterally went soft and starting delaminating itself from the tank.

  5. I am going to just try the sharpie method on everything from now on. That way when i am dead and people are going through my shit they can see everything I was doing and get all sentimental about it. LMAO.

    thanks for the soldering iron idea, I don't know why I didn't just do it to begin with , i fixed my lawn seed spreader the exact same way. Probably low on Blood sugar or something. LOL

  6. nice job . I fix a 1100 motorcycle Crank case that had a hole the size of my thumb print in the bottom of it with that quick steel.2014 and it works Bike Runs  great no leaks  thank for the video .

  7. How long does the repair hold up? Is it a one and done type deal or do you have to stay on top of it? Just used this technique on atv and my co workers aren't convinced it'll last. Just wanted to see how it held up for you. Thanks

  8. +sixtyfiveford if you ever need to weld a gas tank there's a simple and safe way to do it without worrying about explosions! Simply empty the petrol out and use a running engines exhaust into the tank you need to weld. Fire can't happen without oxygen. The exhaust fumes from the running engine (piped into the leaking tank) will prevent any ignition from occurring. The last time I did that was on a 1963 Bentley that electrolysis destroyed the tank. I hope that helps you some day! Cheers!

  9. i know this is old but i hope i might still get an answer from a professional, everyone tells me not to do this beacuse the fuel and or fumes are gonna ignite and blow up, also i wonder if i were to empty the tank and fill it with water, how am i going to get rid of all the water droplets inside so i wont damage the engine? (heavely modified 2-stroke)
    im thinking maybe vulcanising tape will do the trick? thankfull for answers!

  10. I have a 03 Chevy S10 Crew cab 4×4 ZR5 Pick up. They boys broke of the fuel neck from the tank. Tank is plastic. Can I use a poxy and be safe. Or any one out there have a used plastic gas tank from a 03-04 Text or call 573-747-8111

  11. Hi,verrrrry Interesting Video.I am using a 1999 motor home water tank  for gas tank,yes gas tank.,for some reason,it cracked around the neck.I was wondering what i can use to fix it and what can i use for a filler,as there is no extra tabs or pieces i can cut off the tank for filler,plastic oil can.  ,ty for this great video and Information. 100- 100 ty

  12. Thanks a lot, you save me from having to pull the gas tank from my car, including pulling the rear differential and drive line and aub frame out of the way. I just cut a hole in the rear seat area and used a soldering iron just like you did.!

  13. Thanks, 65ford, Youtube/Google has gotten tremendously complicated. I think I
    changed to allow responses.

    Tomorrow I drop the tank. I have a regular soldering iron for circuit
    board type work and a large one for galv. sheet metal, plus a tube of
    3M 5200 Marine Adhesive Caulk, which seems to be the only thing worth
    trying on polypropylene. I modified a gas cap with a Schrader valve
    for tubeless tires and I use that to pump air into the tank. After
    plugging the line that goes to the charcoal canister I pumped some are
    into the tank and using a 1/8" diameter vacuum hose I heard air
    escaping from the top of the tank. It might be the tank, it might be
    the hoses connected to the tank. Tomorrow I will know for sure.


  14. I used this method to repair the tank on my 2007 Ford Freestyle. Didn't even have to take the tank out; and fuel was in the tank. This video saved me a lot of effort and expense. THANKS !!!!! (Used empty coffee container as solder (also HDPE))

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