Bridgestone Tire Recall

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Bridgestone is one of the largest and most prestigious tire manufacturing companies in the world. On August 9, 2000, the officials of Bridgestone ordered a recall of the tires. The recall requested for a massive return of over 6.5 million tires. All these tires were of 15 inches and their make and type was as following:

1. ATX


3. Wilderness AT

The recall was voluntary and the basis of the recall was some sad incidents. The NHTSA had started the inquiry and scrutiny of the tires after they claimed in some vehicle accidents and caused damage to life and property. The number of accidents due to these tires was around 62. The recall compeled the company to increase the tire production to meet the demands for replacement. For the very purpose, the company plants in the US increased the daily production of tires by 7000 tires. Moreover, thousands of tires are being transported by air from the company plants in Japan. The company is also using tires of other companies to meet the requirements of their clients. These tires were extensively used by Ford trucks and by sports model vehicles, like the Explorer.

The company says that the Bridgestone Tire Recall was requested because the company's prime concern is the safety of its customers and the step was only taken in public interest. The vehicle owners using the tires were not informed by e-mail about the replacement. The notification also stated that all the defective tires will be replaced by the new Wilderness AT tires or other tires made by the company. If the company was unable to replace the tire with its own tire, then the company would get the tire replaced by the tire of some other company. The recall was ordered after the company found out that the tire had the tendency to catch up defects ad cracks early n its life and there were also cases of accidents which caused deaths and injuries. On finding the fault the company ordered the recall of all such tires. The figure included 3.8 million tires of Radial ATX and ATX II tires and 2.7 million Wilderness AT tires. This brought the total to 6.5 million tires.

It was ordered by the company's Executive Vice president, Gary Crigger. The recall requested the return of all the tires irrespective of the number of miles it had already been run for and no matter how old the tire was. This greeted immense consumer confidence for the company and earned the company a good reputation.

The company carried out its own investigations regarding the accidents and for this purpose it worked closely with the Ford Motor Company. It was found out that the most of the accidents resulted from the tires made in the Decatur, Illinois plant. Heat also proved to be one of the major share holders in causing tire failure. Irrespective of the damage done the recall was a bold and extraordinary step taken by the company and it ensured that no mishap should occur because of bad tire quality.

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Source by Maira Kamran