Car Rental & Leasing Tips

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Sometimes you need a car for a little while, but not long enough that buying a car is an option. In this case, you will be looking at car rental and leasing. However, is it possible for you to get the best deal when you need a car? Should you opt to take public transit instead of renting a car because of costs? Why would you want to pass up driving through a great city like Los Angeles because of rental prices? You don't have to when you follow these tips for car rental and leasing.

Always look for the hidden fees and extras with rental cars. For example, if the rental company has to fill up the rest of the tank after you drop off the car, they will charge you a lot of money on top of a typical gas price. There are other fees that will come up including sales taxes, vehicle license fees, arena fees and more. Suddenly a good deal does not seem like a good deal.

Try not to rent cars at airports because they will charge you an additional airport fee that can be as high as $ 15. The convenience of renting a car at the airport comes with a high cost. If you can take a shuttle to the hotel and then rent a car in the city, that will save you money.

When the rental company offers to put insurance on the car, you can decline it. As long as you are a safe and defensive driver, you will be fine. Rental companies can make a lot of money off of insurance fees and the sales agent who rents the car to you is trained to make you want the insurance. The odds are slim you will be an accident, so it is up to you if you want to get insurance or not.

Look for those good deals and try and rent cars during non-busy times. Renting a car in the middle of July in Los Angeles may cost you a lot. However, renting a car in Los Angeles in February may not cost you as much since there will not be as many tourists visiting the city.

When we need a car but don't want to buy one, we can rent or lease one. Leasing allows you to use a car for several weeks or months without being caught in a multi-year car deal. This can be expensive with higher interest rates, but it is a good option if you don't want a car but need one briefly. Rental cars can be rented for a few days or couple weeks, and they are a great option when you are visiting a city and don't want to pay for taxis.

Regardless of whether or not you are renting or leasing, make sure you look for deals and stay away from fees that you don't want to pay for. Doing your research can help you make the right financial decision.

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Source by Troy Derringer

Opportunities to Look for at Your Local Construction Recruitment Agency

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When you think of working in construction, do you immediately think of a guy wearing a hard hat, sweating under the heat of the sun while helping build a skyscraper? If you just did, don't worry, you're not alone. A lot of people think about the construction industry this way, but if you go to any construction recruitment agency and see what jobs are being offered, you will realize how broad the industry really is. You will see words like manager, surveyor, estimator, health and safety officer and so much more. Indeed, there are hundreds of different professionals involved in the different aspects of the construction process, each one with his, or her, crucial share of duties.

If you're looking to find a career in this industry, then it's definitely a good idea to check out your local construction recruitment agency and see which role is best suited for your talents and existing skills. Check each position's job description, and see if it looks like one you will enjoy. Are you the type who likes creating ideas? Or are you capable with your hands, and are very comfortable with getting your hands dirty and doing physical work?

To give you an idea on the jobs that are worth checking out, here are some of the occupations typically listed by your average construction recruitment agency.

1. Builder

Builders, or brick layers, are what I'd like to call the Marines of the construction industry. They're at the front lines, spending most of their time doing the hard part of the construction process. Needless to say, builders require a lot of strength and endurance due to the physical nature of the job. However, they are not grunts, as builders need to be able to think on their feet and have a good sense of safety. Any problems in the construction process will often be identified by builders, so they need to know what they're doing.

2. Health and Safety Officers

The title says it all. These people are responsible for making sure that all construction personnel are protect and healthy. They are also tasked to see that all stages of the construction process is safe, and will be tasked to develop response plans, which will be consulted in the event of accidents or disasters.

These are just two of the professions you will see at any construction recruitment agency. There are plenty more, so do your research and choose wisely.

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Source by Joe C Mason

3 Secrets On How Male Porn Stars Enlarge Their Penis

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Have you ever wondered how male porn stars become so large, as far as penis size goes?

Maybe you just shrugged it off and thought “good genetics” were to blame. But the more you watch adult film, the more you notice how unlikely it is that so many of these men just happen to be blessed with superior penis size genetics.

The truth is, there are a few tricks to the trade as far as penis enlargement goes. There are some “secrets” as to why so many of these guys are well above average.

Here are 3 secrets on how male porn stars enlarge their penis:

  1. Behind the Scenes. I was privy to some behind the scene footage of male adult film performers in the moments leading up to being in front of the camera. And what I saw was both unusual, and sort of shocking as far as how easy it was to get a bigger penis fast. First of all, I noticed that many of these guys did not seem that “huge” to begin with in the flaccid state (this is the normal, non-erect state of the penis). They seemed fairly average. But then they began doing something. They would grab their penis just before the head (and remember this is off camera, just moments before they were to perform on camera) and they would begin “tugging” on their penis. Basically they would stretch out their penis and hold it for a few seconds, release and repeat. Each guy seemed to have his own method as far as how long he would tug, or stretch it out. And some guys would employ a very slow massaging tug with each hand, starting at the base and holding fully extended at the head. But essentially, the results were the same. The guys would appear noticeably larger right before the camera would turn on. It really was that noticeable. Some guys went from a visibly average size, to a seemingly larger than average size. So essentially, these guys were simply doing repeated tugs or stretches, which enlongated the flacid penis, making it appear much bigger. I would say this tugging process really did not take but a few minutes, though I would also say that these guys are experienced and likely have their tugging technique down to a science where they can achieve greater penis size in very little time.
  2. The Big Visual Trick. This is something many guys may have heard about, but this visual trick really needs to be stressed. It’s about shaving the pubic hair. Tell me the last time you’ve seen a male porn performer with full growth pubic hair. Of course, you haven’t. Now tell me the last time you’ve seen a male performer with ANY pubic hair. Maybe occasionally, but not very often. This is because that they know very well how any amount of pubic hair can visually take away from large size appearance. In fact most male performers are so aware of this that they don’t even mess around. They will shave it all off. Now in reality, this really isn’t necessary. You can visually achieve larger size by simply trimming your pubic hair, mainly around the base of your penis.
  3. The Jelq Exercise. If there is one technique that male adult film performers employ for attempts at permanent penis size increase, it is the jelq exercise. Jelqing, as it is referred to often, is an exercise which consists of stroking the penis repeatedly while it is in the semi erect, lubricated state. These are slow and controlled strokes, done by alternating hands, for a certain number of sets and reps, usually 4-5 times a week. What this does is increase size both in length and girth. And unlike tugging techniques which were mentioned before, these gains are permanent. The gains are generally most noticeable when fully erect, which of course is perfect for male performers since that tends to be the state they are mostly in while on camera. The reason jelqing is so popular over other manual girth or lengthening exercises (such as pumps or extenders) is the safety factor. No performer can risk injury or even slight visual damage that other methods are sometimes known for. The jelq exercise only employs the hands and is considered the safest technique available for permanent penis size increase.

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Source by Chess McDoogle

The Rise of The Keyless Theft and How To Power Up Your Security

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Auto theft rates have been on a decline for the last few years now, but a recent crime wave in the UK shows that modern vehicles with keyless technology are the new targets of the car thieves.

Keyless car entry is designed to provide convenience for owners but it is now being used by organized crime gangs and opportunistic criminals to break into and steal vehicles that are equipped with the technology. Over 85.000 vehicles were stolen in the United Kingdom with a staggering 56% rise in the number of stolen vehicles compared to last year. What is more worrying is that 70% of the owners claim they still had their car keys on them. Keyless car entry and engine start features are great examples of innovations in vehicle technology but the relay thefts show us that exploitation of technology will always be an issue.

A group of researchers from a German company called ADAC used radio transmitters to test which cars are susceptible to relay attacks. The Munich-based automobile club performed a study on dozens of cars to test a radio "amplification attack" that extends the range of unwitting drivers' key fobs to gain entry to cars and even start their ignitions. A whopping 110 cars from 27 different manufacturers were found to be at risk. ADAC says it successfully broke into 24 different cars, including European cars like the Audi A3, A4, and A6, BMW 730d, and Opel Ampera. It also found models like the Ford Galaxy, Kia Optima, and Toyota Rav4 were susceptible, among many others. An ADAC spokesman told: "We are revealing this IT problem at more and more brands across different manufacturers. This statement clearly suggests that millions of vehicles are vulnerable to theft.

So, how do the thieves make off with a car without needing the owner's keys? The relay theft essentially requires a device called a relay box and two people. The device performs a search for the radio signal generated by the key fob inside the house and boosts its range to 15 to 20 meters. One person holds the device within range of the victim's key while the other perpetrator remains close to the car. Normally, to prevent the abuse of keyless entry, vehicle computer systems have restrictions and can seek out the key signal only within a few meters from the car. The relay box tricks the car into thinking that the key is in close proximity and allows the criminals to break into the car and even start the engine. The whole process takes less a minute. Modern vehicles are costly investments and yet a gadget that costs only £ 30 lets hackers steal them without even breaking a sweat.

Thieves may seem to have the upper hand in this situation but let's not forget we live in a modern age where tech and security companies work tirelessly to find alternative ways to prevent relay attacks. Relay boxes need to pick up the signals from the key fob so the first order of business is to put your car keys in a container that blocks the radio signals. Securing the keys alone is obviously not enough; there are still adept thieves that can attempt to steal your car and with their experience, they might just be able to do it. That is why it is important to secure your car and delay the thieves as long as possible in the event of an actual theft attempt.

There are several gadgets and security systems that can help the car owners to fortify their defenses against these tech-savvy criminals. Manufacturers insist that modern-day vehicles are more secure than ever, but criminals prove them wrong all the time and that is precisely why car owners need to adopt additional security measures in place to prevent theft. Most car owners tend to think that car alarms are useless and they only make noise but as a deterrent, they are one of the best solutions on the market. It is worth spending some extra money on a high-end car alarm that can delay or completely dissuade the thief. Steering wheel locks are great visual deterrents as well. Cheap models may not have a chance at stopping the criminals but a top-quality wheel lock can give even the most accomplished thief a run for his money.

When it comes to car security though, there is nothing better than a vehicle tracking system. Vehicle trackers are armed with the best features to deal with the sophisticated thieves committing the relay attacks. State-of-the-art tools such as geo-fence zones, movement sensor, shock sensor and immobilization will ensure that no thief, no matter how experienced or skilled they are, will be able to get away with your car. And in case the worst should happen and criminals manage to steal your car, you can track the vehicle's precise location in real-time and inform the authorities. No other security system or device can offer the car owners the guaranteed safe return of their cars and that is why vehicle tracking devices are the best at what they do.

Common sense goes a long way in protecting your vehicle against theft attempts. People tend to be careless when it comes to their cars; they leave the keys in the ignition for quick stops, keep the doors open or leave valuable items in plain sight inside the car. You have to make sure not to provide a window of opportunity for theft and keep the security measures active all the time. Unfortunately, even the latest technologies have vulnerabilities that can be exploited by criminals. Cars, especially the new models, will always the favorite targets of criminals; that is why vehicle owners need to go the extra mile and invest in the best security systems on the market. Failure to do so might cost you an expensive car.

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How to Get Over Your Fear of Driving Alone

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When you're learning to drive, there's always someone else in the car that you can turn to and who will give you helpful advice. But as soon as you've passed your test, you're allowed to drive alone. Most people are happy with that idea but for some people – either soon after they've passed their test or later in life due to some other event – the very idea of ​​driving unaccompanied fills them with dread.

If you're one of those affected, check out these ideas to help reduce your fear.

Turn on the radio

Some shows – especially talk radio – are designed as though they're almost a two way conversation between the host and the listener.

Doing something as simple as tuning the radio to a talk show could make the difference and could help fool your brain into thinking there's someone else in the car.

Or, if you prefer, you could always find a channel with a good selection of music or put in a CD or play something via your phone or MP3 player.

Those are all equally good alternatives and will help take your mind off the fact that you're the only person in the vehicle.

Try short journeys first

Unless it's unavoidable, it's best to start with shorter journeys as the first ones where you drive solo.

You should be able to convince yourself that the journey will only take a few minutes so it will be over with almost as soon as it's started.

Gradually build up to longer journeys as your confidence increases.

If you're really nervous, start by just driving to the end of the road and back – maybe with someone from your family watching from a distance. The thought that someone is there, watching, may be all that you need to help you get over your fear of driving alone.

Choose your roads carefully

You probably know the different routes you can take for your journey.

Pick roads that you've driven along before so that you're in familiar territory.

Ideally, pick roads that aren't too quiet (otherwise your mind will turn to those scary movies you've seen) but equally aren't too busy. Some of the problem with driving alone is that you're running all sorts of thought patterns that contribute to your fear.

Choosing roads that are "just right" in terms of traffic will help a lot.

Choosing the time of day – if you have that luxury – will help even more as you can decide when the best traffic times will be.

And if your route includes traffic lights, that's probably for the better. They help control the bigger junctions and mean that you're not turning into big swathes of traffic.

Practice relaxing

Relaxation is a big part of overcoming any fear or phobia.

Your fear has helped make you tense and probably nervous.

Learning to relax more will help overcome that side of things.

Anything that takes your fancy is a good idea – hypnosis, meditation, yoga, deep breathing. They all work to help you remember how to relax.

Although it should go without saying that most (if not all) of those techniques shouldn't be used whilst you're in control of a vehicle!

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Source by Trevor Johnson

Don't Get Stuck With a Gooey Gasoline

General Guide When Replacing a Fuel Pump on a Chevy Pick-Up
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A little known fact is that gasoline can freeze. In fact, it can freeze while you are operating your vehicle. Over-the-Road truck drivers have long touted the benefits of fuel additive while driving in freezing temperatures. Gasoline and diesel are a mixture of hydrocarbons and the components have different freezing points. Huh? For the scientists out there, I'm sure you just went what a simplistic approach. But for the average non-mechanically inclined American who wants to protect their car and not get stuck in the slush, I offer a couple of simple tips.

For diesel as the temperatures begin to drop below 32ºF or 0ºC the paraffin in the fuel begins to cloud and gelling soon occurs. This gelatinous fuel is then unable to flow through the fuel filter as a waxy coat builds up and the engine begins to choke. The simple fix is ​​a fuel heater or a diesel additive such as Howes Diesel Treatment. The additive has received an overall approval rating by users and is easily found at most truck stops.

The magic point for gasoline occurs at a much lower temperature, -97ºF, even that is going to vary depending on the additives in the fuel. In temperatures as common place as 32ºF your tank can begin to freeze if water gets into the mixture. Methyl Alcohol is a ready fix to keep the water from freezing in your gas tank if it gets in there. Oh sure, like you have a gallon of that hanging around the garage? And how would you know if water is even in there, right? What about an additive for those of you who don't keep a chemistry lab? Just want to be able to walk in and buy something economical for your ordinary GG (grocery getter) or as it is otherwise known, the family car? HEET, is the most popular gas-line antifreeze and water remover product on the market. This product can be found readily in all major auto parts stores and several general merchandise stores as well. So, if you're not living in sunny Florida and have to face those nippy winds of Illinois, investing in an additive during the winter months may be well worth it.

Of course, most of this problem can be kept to a minimum by simply keeping a one-half or greater level of fuel in the tank. That can be easier said than done when money is tight, but the benefits far outweigh the temporary pinch in your pocket.

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Auto Insurance Benefits

Truck Tire Chains - What Size Chains Do You Need?
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When defining an auto insurance package you would want to include collision, property damage and medical coverage. These are items that would be high cost to you if you were the one that caused the accident and had to pay for the person that you hit. When the officer arrives at the scene of an accident a traffic violation is normally handed out at that time. Sometimes it is very obvious whose fault it is and sometimes it is not. If you are the one getting the ticket though it allows the other person the chance to get your auto insurance information so they can place claims against your insurance policy. If they needed car repairs they would deal with your insurance claims agent. If they had medical bills the same would apply. The person would and should not be contacting you. This is all handled through the auto insurance company.

If you find as you are putting your insurance package together that the premiums are too high you always have the option to look online for free auto insurance quotes. You can check with several companies to see who would give you the lower rate for your package with the same coverage and services. This should be something that you do routinely anyway. Sometimes we all get caught in the rut of doing the same thing because that is how it has been done for so long. Everyone should check to see if they can save money on their auto insurance periodically.

Sometimes you find the independently owned agencies offering specials as they are trying to get their business off the ground. You may be the one to benefit from their specials. It does not take long and you check multiple companies in a short amount of time. This may even be something you ask your teenager to do for you since most are savvy on the internet. They will eventually have to be aware of insurance rates so why not let them help you now while you look around to see what is out there for you. Then have them price the policy if they are added to it so you can get an idea of ​​what the upcoming expense will be when they start to drive.

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Source by Anthony M. Peck

How to Fix a Door Bell

How to Diagnose Common Auto AC Repair Problems - From Intermittent Cooling to Bad AC Odors
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How many times have you missed a knock on the door all because your door bell isn't working? Many cases the door bell really does work but one a few very simple pieces of the puzzle fail or stop the whole process from happening.

The door bell system is really very simple. You have a transformer, typically located in the basement or maybe the garage. These look like a silver box with a couple of very small wires coming off the top of it. The transformer does exactly what it sounds like it does. It transforms a higher voltage power into a low voltage current that the bell needs to run.

The two wires that come from the transformer will run to the door bell it's self … or the part that actually does the ringing. Usually the white wire gets tied to one of the screws on the door bell while the other will get tied to another wire that goes to the door bell button. The one single wire that you see running from one point to the other has two wires inside of the outer jacket. One wire will carry the current to the button and the other will carry it back. This means that at the door bell you will have to tie both wires one to each screw on the button.

So one screw has power the other does not. When the button is pressed the power flows through the button and onto the other wire. This will then be carried onto the bell it's self and make it ring.
So if any of that made any since to you then you will understand that there really are only two parts that could go wrong with this equation. The assumption is that nothing has changed with the wiring … meaning you didn't have any other work done recently. If you have then perhaps the wires might have been damaged at some point in the circuit.

If you have not had any work done check the button it's self. Many times the screws where you connect the wires to will become tarnished because of being exposed to the weather. If this happens the power will not flow through the button. To fix this take the button off and run a bit of sand paper over the connection points to take the tarnish off. Replace the button and see if the bell is working. If it is not then most likely you will need to replace the transformer.

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Source by Matthew Shields

FAQs About Motorcycle Insurance

Starter Clicks But Engine Does Not Turn Over - Tech in Trunk?
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Motorcycle insurance is one of the biggest costs involved in riding your motorcycle. Whether your ride is a scooter or a sports bike it's best to get the best value insurance policy that covers everything you need.

What determines the cost of motorcycle insurance

Your personal details
In the insurance business, age is a common determinant for risk. Male riders under 25 are considered the most likely to file claim, whereas female and older riders are more likely to receive lower premiums. Occupation may also come into play in factoring premiums, depending on whether the coverage compensates you for time missed at work.

Where you live
A big influence on the cost of your car insurance is where you live. The chance of your car being broken into or stolen is a key concern for the insurer. More urban areas traditionally facing greater risk of theft and therefore tend to be more expensive than countryside locations.

The type of bike you own
The type of bike you own can greatly affect your insurance premium. Naturally, a more expensive bike will cost an insurer more to fix or replace. Motorbikes with better engines and faster speeds will represent a greater risk for collision as well as damage caused by an accident.
Older model bikes may require more maintenance and difficulty securing repair parts. For motorbikes older than 20 years, it would be wise to seek an insurer that specialises in classic bikes and cars.

Who else will be riding the bike
Adding another rider to the policy will affect the overall cost. Adding an experienced motorist will generally lower your premium. Conversely, adding a younger individual may escalate costs.
As each insurance company weighs these factors differently, you will find fluctuations in the prices you are quoted. Cheaper rates most likely find your situation more amenable to their particular risk formula.

Usage of the bike
The more often you ride your bike, the more likely you will be involved in an accident. Moreover, bikes that are used for commuting represent a greater risk than those ridden for pleasure, due to the difference in traffic. Residents living in high traffic postcodes may also experience higher insurance costs.

Storage and security measures
Theft represents another concern for insurance companies when calculating premiums. Alarms or anti-theft devices such as an immobiliser, bike lock, or ground anchor can mitigate this risk. In some cases, an insurer might recommend a specific brand or anti-theft device to their consumers.

Parking your bike in a garage can further alleviate theft concerns. Insurance companies will also factor in the crime rate in your postcode before settling on a quote.

Previous claims or convictions
Riders who have made previous claims or suffered motoring convictions present a greater risk to insurers. If you fall into one of these categories, it may be best to seek a company that specializes in insuring convicted riders

Your excess
The excess is the amount of any claim that your insurer will expect you to cover. For example, your riding your bike and you have an accident your bike now needs repairs worth £ 1000 and your excess is £ 100, you'll have to pay £ 100 and your insurer will pay the remainder.

The more cost you are willing to absorb, the lower your premium. Having a high excess is ideal for riders who travel infrequently or on less busy roads. Those who commute daily may want a lower excess in order to file a claim for minor accidents. This, in turn, will elevate the cost of insurance.

No Claims Discount
Save up your no claims discount by avoiding making small claims upon your policy. After a set number of years, 4 or 5 typically, you'll often be offered the option to pay an additional small premium to protect your no claims bonus. This can prove very helpful if you subsequently end up having an accident.

Advanced driving skills
By taking an advanced driving course you may also be able to reduce your premiums. The Institute for Advanced Motorists and the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents each offer membership which provides you with discounts for both the cost of driving courses and your car insurance premiums. Two key variables NOT within the policyholder's control

Consolidating policies
By insuring a number of vehicles with the same insurer, or by trying to take out home and life insurance through your car insurer, you may be able to secure a 'bulk buy' discount.

One final piece of advice
A large percentage of insurance is now sold on the Internet. That's because it's convenient and cheap. Many insurers now give a further 10% -15% discount if you buy online.

Level of cover

Third party
This covers the policy holder against damage to a third party's property or to the third party themselves. Third party only bike insurance cover is usually a cheap motorcycle insurance policy compared to Third Party Fire and Theft or Comprehensive motorcycle insurance.

For example, if you have an accident with another vehicle and it is your fault then the Third Party Only policy will pay for the repair to that other vehicle, and will pay for any medical claims or injuries suffered by the occupant (s) of the other vehicle and your pillion rider. A Third Party Only bike insurance policy will not pay for the costs of repairing your own vehicle nor will it pay anything toward your medical expenses if you are injured. In addition, if your vehicle is stolen or is set on fire, a Third Party Only policy will not make any payment toward theft or repair of the vehicle.

Third Party Fire & Theft
This is exactly the same as the Third Party Only motorcycle insurance policy, set out above, however a Third Party Fire and Theft UK motorcycle policy will pay out in the event that your vehicle is stolen or is set on fire.

Fully Comprehensive
A Fully comprehensive UK motorcycle insurance policy will pay-out for third party damages and injuries, will pay-out in the event of your vehicle being stolen or set on fire, and will also pay for any damage to your own motorcycle regardless of whose fault the accident was.

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Source by Gary Steven Jolley

Unlock the Possibilities of Your Business Through Foursquare

Volvo Truck Parts: Better Suspension Gives You a Softer Ride
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In the past few days I've run across a number of people who want to know why I am showing my phone to my server at a restaurant or why I am chuckling in a client's conference room as I check in and announce I am now the mayor of their location. All people who could be utilizing Foursquare not only for themselves but a really fun cost effective way to promote their business.

Nowadays, with widespread use of mobile phones, you would think that it is easier to find where your friends are, and where they hang out. Mobiclix even just did a great infograph review of what happens with mobile phones in just 60 seconds. At the same growth of mobile phones, also came the growth of establishments of different themes, cuisines and locations. Dining out is more popular than ever. You'd think with more establishments it would be easy to find a table but at an establishment one evening it might be an hour wait, the same place no wait at all the next evening. This can lead to a confusing marketing plan for owners of these businesses and finding a way to harness the people to not only come in but also encourage those people to spread the word. These are exactly the problems that can be solved by the smart phone application called Foursquare.

So what is Foursquare exactly and what are its main benefits? First let's look at it from a user. When you register on Foursquare, either through the web or as a smart phone app, and you check in when you are entering an establishment, you are letting your contacts know that you are in the area. They might be pleased to know where you are and might probably follow and hang out with you. Heck if you are lucky they might come by you a cup of coffee at Starbucks or an even better drink at your local pub. If you are in a restaurant, you will order some drinks or food or if you are shopping you will have some sort of customer service experience good or bad. Having done these, you are now a reliable person to offer some 'tips' on Foursquare. These tips could reflect your good musings about the establishment, or can also reflect your complaints. It's all up to you. Basically by participating in Foursquare, you are exploring your world and opening up to your friends. The friends that will be able to know your details are your contacts from the accounts that you linked with your Foursquare account. You can choose your address book, your Facebook account or your Twitter account for this purpose. Check-ins are dependent on GPS locations. So if you are on the road for travel and find yourself in a bind not knowing where to go for the next gas station or to choose a hotel for the night, you can simply check your Foursquare application to find out if there are any good places in the area. Isn't that convenient?

Whoever frequents an establishment the most within a certain time period becomes the "mayor" of that location. Once you are declared a mayor, then that just goes to show how often you patronize an establishment. Some stores offer prizes for those who become mayor. These prizes usually vary per restaurant or store, as it is their discretion as to how they want to reward their loyal patrons.

If you are a new or small business, Foursquare could be a very powerful tool for you. The main goal is to reach out to as many people as possible by using this application so you will be able to effectively advertise your establishment with as little capital as possible. This is very possible through Foursquare. The bottom line is that you have to encourage your customers to check in every time they are in your restaurant. For example, run a contest where the mayor of your restaurant will receive free products. With that product up for grabs, your customers will check in every time they go to your place. Examples are our local Houlihan's restaurant that gives a free mini-appetizer just by checking in or a local coffee shop that gives free coffee to whoever is mayor. It also encourages the game feature of Foursquare and friends may frequent more to try to "steal" the mayorship from their friends. All good for you who gains more in more business from their friendly competition. By checking in, they will advertise your restaurant to each of their contacts and you are reaching people far and beyond your usual market. When people are made aware that your establishment exists, they will be curious as to why their friends usually hang out there. That certain curiosity will then drive them to visit your establishment themselves, bringing you business and even more contacts.

Foursquare lives and thrives on networking and Social Media and it is up to you to take advantage of that. By encouraging your customers to check in, they are effectively promoting you without billing you for any advertising costs. Call it modern marketing if you may, but it is very effective and costs next to nothing compared to the standard advertising costs. Participating in Foursquare effectively and infinitely increases the potential growth of your business. If you haven't started taking full advantage of this opportunity yet, then it's probably time that you should. As with any other Social Media outlet even if you are not using the space for advertising you want to know what is being said.

Remember that client I am now "mayor" of? They had no idea they had such a thing and that people were not only checking into their location but commenting. Luckily this time only good comments ☺ If you decide to use this application don't forget to utilize Foursquare on your other Social Media properties. Advertise what you offer on Twitter, Facebook Business Page, your website or more. Who knew advertising could be so much fun!

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Source by Shannon L Myers