Air Hose Quick Connect Repair – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By

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Simple repair could save you money from purchasing new fittings. Even new fittings seem to leak after a couple uses, o-ring solution might work for ya !

On the video I call it a quick disconnect but many refer it to quick connect.

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21 Replies to “Air Hose Quick Connect Repair – Kansas City Trailer Repair – By”

  1. This was really helpful. THANKS. I was able to diagnose a leaky quick fitting my wife noticed on our home compressor, and was able to swap out a better working fitting. Will come back to this, if I try to repair the bad QD fitting. This really was good!

  2. i been screwing with one for about a day now took it apart at least 30 or more times and turned things around and so forth, there is a number that matches the coupling correctly i believe thats why they dont last long i think ? i just never paid much attention to that item always just replaced and move on , now that i have more time i mess around a little more . lol thanks for the vid ,

  3. Good video, thanks. If you don't mind a tip, put your camera in front of you so we can see what's actually going on in your hands, not just the back of your hand… 🙂 Also add/ensure good light isn't shadowed by the camera or anything else (your head, visor, etc… 🙂

    To politicos, please save your rhetoric for a political forum and keep the positive thoughts going here like the person who added that he successfully used a faucet washer for the flat one.


  4. YES, MILTON #715 coupler, SEAL #768 is MADE IN USA, PLEASE BUY USA BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE , greedy (evil hearted, ignorant people) ruined this country with cheap, ignorantly made, products. Home depot has put alot of american product companies out of business. When perfection is gone your children will suffer. Perfection was American.

  5. My connector does NOT have that round part that you clamped your vice grips too. It looks like a one piece design that i cannot get at the spring and washer.
    Mine was one of those that can use a few types of styles of air fittings with, not just the one type.

  6. SUBSTITUTE that works !! I have just used a plumbing faucet flat washer with a 1/8" or so hole in the center of it. This is the approximately same size outside diameter instead of a soft rubber washer. The old one was gone completely. The flat washer is made of harder neoprene rubber than the usual pneumatic coupling washer. However, it worked just fine, except that you have to push a bit harder to get the coupling to lock into the pneumatic quick connector piece. Works well with zero leakage. The great thing is that anyone can buy these flat washer alone or in a faucet repair kit at any hardware store or outlet.

  7. Thanks for this. My push to connect fitting wasn't allowing air through at all. I didn't know they unscrewed apart. I was able to fix the dislodged o-ring and all's good. Thanks! PS, if you're going to disassemble the push to connect ones, mind the ball bearings, they go everywhere!

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