Air Conditioning Repair for Novices

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Air conditioning is one of the most coveted modern conveniences. When your AC goes out, you notice. There are two options when it comes to air conditioning repair: calling a service or fixing it yourself. During the summer season, you may have to wait days before a technician shows up, and it can cost several hundred dollars for the repairs. Here are some common problems and things to look for when your unit has stopped functioning, which you likely can fix yourself.

Proper Power

First, simply make sure the condenser is receiving power. This one may be obvious, but you want to explore all options before doing any major air conditioning repair. Ensure the unit is plugged in. If it is, see if there is a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. Replace a blown fuse with one with the same amperage or reset the breaker completely. If you believe you are having electrical problems outside of your knowledge, you may need an experienced service person.

Home is not Cool Enough

Again, look for the most obvious issues first to avoid any unnecessary headaches. Confirm that the thermostat is set to the “cool” function. Sometimes it takes several minutes for the timer to activate the equipment, so be patient. If your unit still isn’t adequately cooling your home, but the fan is running, lower the temperature by five degrees. Next, carefully clean the evaporator and let it run for a few hours. Remember, on extremely hot days during the summer your system may not be able to keep up with the temperatures outside. If you still aren’t satisfied with how cool your unit is keeping your home, it may be improperly sized.

Unit Blows Warm Air

One common cause of your system blowing warm air could be dirty filters. The cold air being produced can’t flow through the duct, so be sure to replace them on a regular basis. Read your product information to know how often you should change your filters. Also, certify that your outside unit is running. Is it dirty or being blocked? Clear away leaves, sticks, weeds, or any kind of debris that may be hindering your condenser from doing its job.

Air Conditioning Unit Shuts On and Off, Cycles Frequently

Once again, cleaning the condenser or evaporator (or the entire unit) could eliminate this problem. However, if that doesn’t work, there are several other things that can cause this. Your unit may be too large for your home, and the system will reach the temperature setting on your thermostat quickly and shut off. Quick cycling can also occur if the cold air is being aimed directly at the thermostat. Make sure to have the vents pointed elsewhere, as this will certainly dilute the thermostat’s readings.

These are the four most common air conditioning repair issues, and the simplest ways to fix them. Before your system breaks down, be sure to frequently change the filters and clean the entire unit. This will help you to avoid any problems. If you follow these steps and still aren’t happy with the temperature of your home, contact a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor to better diagnose the issue.

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Source by Andrew Stratton