5 Steps to Getting Marketing Results From an SEO Firm

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1. Free Initial Consultation

Request a free initial consultation of approximately 30-45 minutes so that the SEO firm can learn about your business, what you sell, who your customers are, what makes your business unique, etc. Ask the SEO firm about the following

  • Can they show you examples of websites that have ranked in the # 1 spot or first page of search results for terms that should be relatively competitive? If NOT it is not necessarily a deal breaker, it just means that they should be giving you a very reasonable price since you are giving them the opportunity to learn along with a future portfolio item for them.
  • Do they know about black hat techniques? FYI: Black hat techniques are high risk ways that internet marketers trick Google into ranking sites that should not be ranked. Black hat techniques are generally a bad idea. If your prospect SEO firm does not know about black hat or does & practices these techniques it's probably not a good idea to hire them.
  • Does the firm have experience with your industry or similar ones?

2. Keyword Research & Proposal Phrase

Your prospective firm should have a number of tools that can use to put together a great marketing report for you about your online marketing niche. Ask them to put together a report with the following info

  • List of high volume, high commercial intent search phrases
  • Cost per click that AdWords advertisers are paying in your online niche
  • Average page rank of advertisers in your online niche
  • What is the average number of inbound links your competitors have?
  • Run an SEO report on your website (What is your page rank, how many inbounds do you have)
  • Conversion friendliness – Does your website have any glaring problem that is going to significantly decease your chances of converting traffic? Example: no call to action on your site, hard to find contact page on your site, slow load times, etc
  • Does the search interest go through seasonal cycles?
  • Is there a good dead phrase URL address available that you should be using instead

It will take 5-10 hours of upfront research to put this report together, for which the firm will just charge its hourly rate ($ 50- $ 100), afterword's that they will provide all the data to you. That way even if you decide to not hire the firm for their ongoing SEO services you are still getting valuable data about the online space you are competitive in. So while your firm's compensation is results based there will be upfront cost.

3. Hire the Firm

With this report the firm should also send you a proposal. You should only be paying for results, for every month that the firm has ranked on the 1st page of Google for the high volume, high commercial intent search phrases that are determined in report, they will bill you a pre-agreed upon amount. As a rule of thumb this amount should be approximately half of what you would be paying if you were cost per click advertiser that was paying the search engines for traffic. This means that you will be paying your firm more the higher that get you ranked for high volume, high commercial intent search phrases. Use this slide scale


# 1

Congrats! You will receive approximately 40% -45% of the search traffic

20% of Average CPC X Keyword Search Volume

# 2 or # 3

You will receive approximately 20% -25% of the search traffic

10% of Average CPC X Keyword Search Volume

Below # 3

You will receive approximately 5% of the search traffic

2.5% of Average CPC X Keyword Search Volume

Half of the average CPC multiplied by your traffic may end up being a surprisly large number but there's a few things to keep in mind

  • The AdWords program works like an auction, because of massive scale of search engine traffic this auction process finds the ideal, perfect price (this is the cost per click) for profitable lead generation. Your competitors would be spending thousands of dollars advertising on a cost per click basis if it was not creating results.
  • If you have picked out the best high volume, high commercial intent search phrases you will be getting a lot of traffic that will be converting very well and paying your marketing bill will be a pleasure.
  • Organic traffic almost always converges better than paid CPC traffic.
  • You will inevitably also start getting traffic from other search phrases as well, this traffic is truly free.

If you are not already receiving Google Analytics reports about your website traffic ask the firm to set this up on your site and send you monthly reports.

4. Search Engine Optimization, Authority Elevation & Link Building

At that point close contracts with the firm. As they meet their ranking goals they will not notice you, it can take as much as 90 days to meet ranking goals but sometimes it's much faster. Your firm should put you on an auto pay system for this. The reason for auto pay is that it saves a huge amount time (which saves you money) over having to send out invoices & manage collections every month. You should have the option to cancel this contract at any time (but a 30 day notice) but you should be aware that SEO requires on going work & if you decide for whatever reason to cancel the contract & auto pay you can probably expect to lose ranking.

5. Long Tail Targeting

General they should begin by targeting less competitive 'long tail' phrases (Example: Denver pre-owned lexus dealer, south Dallas firestone tires). These phrases are easier to get ranked for & will cost you less on a monthly basis.

6. Short Tail Targeting

Once your business has ramped up as result of the SEO campaign they should start targeting more general, yet competitive and lucrative phrases (Example: gym memberships, online classes, etc).

For more info about SEO and online marketing please visit www.DenverMarketingFirm.com/services/internet-marketing.html . We sell our services in the way that we would like to buy them where we in our client's shoes. For SEO services we charge our clients based upon the results we get them.

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Source by Jonathan Roseland